Writing an essay about how you see yourself in 10 years from now requires a lot of self-reflection, yet being among the most exciting types of writing that you will have to deal with. It tells a lot about the personality of the student: the way they perceive themselves, their wishes and desires, their priorities, and their goals. That is why many professors tend to give such tasks to their students, willing to know more about them. Still, while for some writing about themselves in 10 years is an easy task, for others, it might be challenging. For this reason, we have provided an example of me after 10 years essay, which you can use to get some inspiration.



 Thinking about my future is scary and fascinating at the same time: on the one hand, I have a lot of plans and goals that I wish to accomplish; on the other hand, I have a fear of choosing the wrong path or not achieve everything I have planned. Nevertheless, just like many other people, I have a personal plan on how I see myself in 10 years from now. This plan accumulates everything that I find essential in my life: my family, my career goals, and my passion for self-development. In general, 10 years from now, I expect myself to have a job with a flexible schedule that I can do from any part of the world, a lovely family with the person I love, and constant spiritual development that I plan to achieve through the different practices.

 Being keen on traveling, I want to see at least a part of the world within the next 10 years. However, this goal obviously requires serious financial backup as comfortable traveling presupposes significant spending. Ideally, I would like to change my place of living every few months: in such a way, I would be able to explore life as it is in different countries. I understand that such a plan is somewhat complicated as I won’t have my personal space, needing to rent a new place every few months. Besides, I will be limited in my personal belongings as it would be uncomfortable to travel from one country to another with the increasing set of bags. However, this issue can be solved by making short trips back home: by doing so, I will be able to save the feeling of having a home while also being able to take short rests between my journeys. Of course, such an approach will require even more spendings; however, I am ready for it. I understand that such a lifestyle is temporary: one day, I will have a desire to stop and start living like the majority of people: having a home and a family in a fixed place. Still, while I am young, I wish to travel as much as possible and expand my horizons to be an open-minded person with rich experience. 

 My planned way of living is costly, so I will need to have a high-paid job to cover all the expenses. Moreover, this job should presuppose a flexible schedule (as time zones might be different) and the ability to work from different places. As I have already chosen my future profession, I am sure that it can presuppose such a possibility. However, I feel the need to do my best in such a work so that my efforts could be observed and compensated accordingly. Moreover, I think that there is no point in having a job that you do not like; therefore, getting pleasure from the working process will motivate me even more to develop myself as a professional. I also hope that through living in interesting environments, I will continuously have a source for inspiration that will push me towards the new limits. In general, in 10 years, I see myself as a successful professional who is valued by the company despite being far away from the physical office. Also, I believe that the very idea of the working process will change substantially; it likely that the majority of people will have remote work, having no necessity to visit offices.

 Besides having a successful career, I also wish to spend my energy on building healthy relationships with my family and my beloved person. Ideally, in 10 years, I would like to have a family or, at least, serious relationships with the perspectives for the future. I want to use my knowledge in psychology to make my relationships comfortable yet exciting for both sides; at the same time, I believe, they should be built based on self-respect and respect to significant other, care, empathy, and attentiveness. I understand that relationships presuppose hard work, which is further awarded by strong commitment between two people, and I am ready to be fully engaged in this work. I also expect my partner to be interested in life and the world so that he could share the joy of discovering different countries with me. I am not sure whether I will already have kids in 10 years; however, I plan to have them within the next 15 years. I think that it is possible to continue living in different countries while the children are small and do not need to visit any institutions for development. However, once they have such a necessity, my family will have to choose one place for a living and stay there. I hope that we will enough before that time.

 Finally, I want to develop my spirituality in 10 years as I consider emotional well-being an essential part of every person’s life. Like any individual, I have unsolved issues and worries that affect my mood and quality of life. I do not expect that in 10 years, I will be able to address all my concerns; at the same time, I want to improve myself in this regard until then. For this, I want to investigate different psychological theories and religious practices; having my own faith, I am still opened to the wisdom of other religions. Through these ideas and practices, I want to learn how to clear my mind and control my emotions, how to treat others well in all situations, how to manage stress and other difficult situations, and how to appreciate every moment of my life. I think that a person will not be able to live happily in the modern world without at least a part of this knowledge. This is why I consider it essential to combine professional development, relationship goals, and spiritual advancement.

 Some people may build precise plans for their future years, while others prefer to live in the moment. Personally, I am a fan of something in between: having a direction, while understanding that every moment of life can bring you a new surprise. This is why I have rather flexible plans for my future ten years, which I will use as general guidance that would help me to follow my path even in the hard times.