Writing a 10-page essay may be difficult, even if you have a month or so for a preparation. But let’s face it: not all students start writing a paper when they actually get the assignment from the professor. Moreover, life may be unpredictable, so sometimes the students may face the necessity to write a 10-page research paper or essay in a day or even less. Is it possible? Yes. Our experts designed a few tips to guide you on writing a 10-page paper.


1. Forget about Complicated Topic

Usually, an interesting topic would add you some points from the professor, showing that you are interested in the subject and willing to research more. However, when limited by the approaching due date, you won’t have time to do in-depth research. Therefore, try to stick to the well-known topic that you can find plenty of information for.


2. Write a Plan

Even if you don’t have time at all, the proper outline will help you to gather your thoughts. Here is how you can do it: divide your main thesis into several subsections (points you are going to discuss or arguments you are going to use). Even having a thesis statement, subsection and conclusion will give you the correct direction while writing.


3. Don’t Spend Too Much Time on One Statement

You can write half of the 10-page essay in a few hours and then get stuck on an hour or so while thinking about your concluding statement. Don’t force yourself and don’t waste your precious time: go further in your writing and return to the problematic parts once you are done with the rest of your paper.


4. Make Citations As You Write

Some students write a draft without proper referencing (as it’s a draft), trying to save some time. Indeed, adding in-text citations may be time-consuming (especially if you are writing with footnotes or endnotes); however, you will waste even more time, if you don’t cite your sources while writing. You will have to provide the proper references anyway; still, if you do that after you finish the whole paper, you will be more likely to forget the source of information you have used. 


5. Stick to the Shorter Sources

Using a book may be pretty comfortable; however, you will spend much time searching for the necessary concepts there. Short studies, instead, may provide you with the same information written on several pages. Moreover, using studies instead of the books will increase the credibility of your 10-page research paper and, consequently, your mark for it.


6. Scan the Sources

Don’t read all the sources you have found carefully. First, check whether there is something you can use from the source as nearly half of your literature will have similar conclusions or will not add any value to your paper. If you are sure that you are going to use the particular source, pay attention to the most important things: the main idea of the paper, the essential arguments, the methodology of the research, the weaknesses, and the conclusion. Knowing what exactly you are looking for will save you time on reading. 


Is it possible to write an excellent 10-page essay in a few hours? Not really: if you don’t have enough experience, you will write a paper of such length; however, it won’t be your best work. So if you don’t have much time left, consider hiring an expert, who will get your paper done in a few hours while maintaining the top level of the work.