A three-paragraph essay is among the first papers the students have to write during their studying. However, there are a few essential rules which should be kept in mind while writing such assignments. We have gathered the most essential tips that can help you in writing your three-paragraph essay with no worries. 


What is a Three Paragraph Essay?

This type of assignment is considered to be among the simplest among all the writing tasks. It has a simple and clear structure that helps young writers to organize their thoughts in the correct order. Moreover, it shows the necessity to maintain a good flow of the paper while clearly indicating the main idea to the reader. Such paper also introduces the vital parts of the text: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion, which are apparent in all the academic works of the different levels of complexity. Three paragraph essays usually are no longer than two pages as the paragraphs should not be very expanded. Also, as a rule, such an essay has only one main idea, which is supported by the arguments. However, it can briefly include up to 3 statements, depending on the instructions and requirements.


Major Features of Three Paragraph Essay Structure

 The first paragraph of your paper is the introduction. It aims to get the reader aware of the issue you are going to discuss, while also showing the main idea of your paper. Depending on the word count, your introduction may have 3-5 sentences: the opening one (it can have a hook or simply begin the text smoothly), the transition to the thesis statement, and the thesis statement itself. You can also add interesting details and facts in the introduction to attract the attention of the audience. 

 The second paragraph is dedicated to the body of your paper, where the main idea is explained and expanded. Depending on the requirements, it may have either one or several central ideas. In any case, this paragraph is the biggest in the paper: it can have 5-10 sentences, or even more. It is obligatory to include a topic sentence (or several), which states the main point(s) of the paragraph in a clear form. After that, you should write several supporting sentences, which include additional details, facts, and arguments that help you to prove your point and give a detailed overview of the issue to the reader. Be sure to include the relevant sources here so that your arguments could sound credible. Finally, finish the body paragraph with a concluding sentence that gives a brief summary and transition to your conclusion. 

 The conclusion will cover the third paragraph of the essay. Usually, it should restate the thesis statement and provide the finalizing point to strengthen the main idea of the paper. You can also use the conclusion to ensure the audience in the importance of your problem or motivate it for further actions (this is called CTA — call to action). You can also finish the paper with a rhetorical question or facts to consider, which can also strengthen the overall impact of your essay. However, be careful not to introduce any new information in conclusion: this part only repeats and finalizes everything written before. 


How to Create the 3 Paragraph Essay Outline

In addition to the essay, your professor might also request you to create a short outline so that you could practice structured and organized writing. Moreover, the outline can help you to gather the thoughts and introduce them in the correct order. In such a case, you will have no challenges while maintaining the right structure of your essay. In the case of the essay with three paragraphs, the outline will look as follows:


1.  Introduction. 

  •  Attention grabber.
  •  Additional facts (optional).
  •  Transitional sentence.
  •  Thesis statement.

2.  Body.

  • Topic sentence.
  • Argument #1. 
  • Supporting sentence(s) for the argument #1.
  • Argument #2. 
  • Supporting sentence(s) for the argument #2. 
  • Concluding/Transitional sentence.

3. Conclusion.

  • Restatement of the thesis statement. 
  • Summarizing the arguments.
  • Information for further consideration/CTA.


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