Compare and contrast essay topics are incredibly different, so sometimes it is hard to come up with a specific option, which is interesting enough for you and your audience. Sometimes your professor might give the list of already-made topics; however, usually, the students are not limited in their fantasy and can choose the issue they prefer. In case you are confused with such freedom of choice, you can stick to one of the topics we have prepared for you.

How to Pick Perfect Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

Coming up with the correct topic for a good compare and contrast essay is essential as it can interest the audience from the very first words. That is why it is critical to choose the topic which drives your interest as well: in such a way, you will translate your passion to the audience, being able to engage it. So take some time, relax, and think about the topics that you would like to know more about. Moreover, it is always a good idea to stick to the most current issues; hence, if you are not feeling passionate about something particular from the very beginning, try to search for inspiration in the news: maybe you will be able to contrast and compare two debatable issues. If that doesn’t help, you can always choose from the list of inspirational compare and contrast essay topics for students that we have prepared for you. 

Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College

If you don’t feel confident enough, try to use simple topics, which will be easy to compare. In such a case, you will be able to maintain the correct structure and ensure that the flow of your work is satisfactory. 

  1. Life in school vs. life in college: is there something in common?
  2. Distant education vs. traditional one: finding the most effective approach.
  3. Modern music and the classic one: which one is better?
  4. Bringing up the child in a full family vs. having only one parent.
  5. Living in the city vs. living in nature: finding the path to a happy life.
  6. Presidency of Barack Obama compared to the presidency of Donald Trump: who made America stronger?
  7. Romantic relationships and friendship: what type of relationships make people happier? 
  8. Excessive sport exercising or no activities at all: what harms a person’s health more?
  9. Sport or diet: what really helps to fight the excessive weight?
  10. Eating in a restaurant or eating at home: what is better?
  11. Studying during the daytime vs. studying at night: what works best?
  12. Natural energetics: what will boost your powers more, coffee or tea?
  13. Theaters vs. cinema: did TVs kill the art with a long history?
  14. Books or movies: what do people choose?
  15. Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings: finding the best saga ever written.
  16. The teachings of the Bible and the teachings of the Quran: key similarities and differences.
  17. Marvel vs. DC Comics: the battle of the most powerful comic studios in the world. 
  18. Queen vs. Beatles: who shaped modern music the most?
  19. Having personal transport or using the taxi: which is cheapest and more convenient?
  20. Comparing European and American diets. 
  21. Is there a difference between regular cigarettes and their electronic versions?
  22. Winning the hearts of the audience: soap operas vs. sitcoms. 
  23. Testing vs. test-free education: looking for the most effective approach in education. 
  24. Hollywood movies vs. Bollywood: is there a chance for Indian cinematography? 

Technological compare and contrast essay topics

If you are keen on technologies, you can tell more about this. Not many students choose technological topics (especially for their compare and contrast essays), so you will be able to stand out from the rest of the audience with one of those: 

  1. Cybersport and the traditional one: is there a common background?
  2. Messaging and real-life communication: can one substitute another?
  3. A person in real life vs. a person on Instagram: two sides of one individual.
  4. What is better: the convenience of Internet use and lack of privacy or total privacy with poorly developed personalization?
  5. Can virtual relationships fully replace real-life ones?
  6. Comparing old and new models of Samsung or iPhone: should you pay more?
  7. Online commerce or the traditional one: which one will win the hearts of the clients?
  8. Using websites for a job search: is it more effective than the regular search?
  9. Online advertisement and the traditional one: which one is more credible for the audience?
  10. Snapchat or Instagram: which one is the most trending?
  11. Blogs or websites: the source of the best information.
  12. Self-driving cars vs. regular drivers: can technology make the roads safer? 
  13. Genetically modified and traditional food: is there anything to worry about?
  14. Life before and after the Internet became widespread. 
  15. IT-specialists vs. creative specialists: do their lives differ?
  16. Electric vehicles or the regular bicycle: who will win in the battle for changing the environment for better?
  17. SpaceX or Virgin Galactic: who will be the first to control the space?
  18. Online dating vs. the regular one: do technologies help to meet the right people?
  19. Solar or wind energy: finding the best source of alternative energy.
  20. Living in the sky or under the ground: how should people fight with environmental problems and overpopulation?

History and political compare and contrast essay topics

History is among the easiest and the most exciting fields to write a compare and contrast essay on: there are so many relations that can be found and analyzed. Besides, there are many studies available on various topics, so you will have no problems while searching for suitable sources.

  1. World War I and World War II: which one was the most damaging for human history?
  2. Male and female rulers of Great Britain: who succeeded more?
  3. The biggest evil: was Stalin worse than Hitler?
  4. South and North Korea: how one nation can have such different lives?
  5. Comparing fascism with nazism: are those concepts the same?
  6. Communism by Marx and communism by Lenin: how theory turned into practice.
  7. Patriotism and nationalism: who loves their state more?
  8. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington: comparing ideas of the greatest American leaders. 
  9. Jimmy Carter vs. Richard Nixon: defining the worst American president of the 20th century. 
  10. Comparing the economic systems of Christian and Muslim countries.
  11. Life in Sparta vs. life in Athens: how two ancient cities treated their citizens.
  12. Comparing modern democracy with the ancient greek democracy: do the roots and the results have something in common?
  13. Comparing Al Qaeda with ISIS: similarities and differences between two terroristic groups. 
  14. Greek gods and the Roman gods: is there a difference besides the naming?
  15. Life in Iran before and after the revolution. 
  16. Soviet communism and Chinese communism: how two vast countries interpreted the one doctrine.
  17. Comparing the civilizations of Mayas and Aztecs. 
  18. Life before and after the Civil War.
  19. The quality of life in the 20th and the 21st century: when was a happy time?
  20. Life in America before and after the Great Depression.
  21. PR campaigns of Trump and Clinton: what was the secret of success of the former?
  22. Voting rights for everyone vs. privileged voting rights. 

Philosophical compare and contrast essay topics

Like to search deeper? Then philosophical issues are the best option for you as within them, and you will be able to let your thoughts expand while also developing critical thinking. 

  1. The traditional and the modern view on the role of women in the family and society.
  2. Concepts of beauty in two different cultures.
  3. Democracy or monarchy: can the hundreds of years of tradition beat the current values?
  4. Nature or nurture: what defines the personality?
  5. Comparing the lives of young people from different religions. 
  6. Altruism and egoism: which of those helps the person more?
  7. What differs human from the animal?
  8. Comparing the ethical systems of Kant and Hegel.
  9. Sticking to real-life needs or chasing the dreams: finding the winning approach.
  10. White lies or hurting truth: which path is less painful for the person.
  11. Explaining the world: scientific vs. religious approach. 
  12. Philosophy of Plato and Aristotle’s philosophical system: comparing two fathers of the philosophy.
  13. The thin line between the good and the evil.
  14. Comparing pragmatic ethics and utilitarianism. 
  15. Catholicism in the 19th and 21st century: what are the major changes?
  16. African and European Christianity: does the geographical difference define the context?
  17. Staying true to yourself or accepting others’ advices: a key to positive changes.
  18. Saving the beloved or saving five unknown people: finding the right decision.
  19. Absolute freedom or living according to the strict order: what will the society prefer?
  20. Private property vs. community sharing: finding the path to a wealthy life. 

Unique topics for compare and contrast essays

Are you looking for something unique instead of writing on the topic your teacher has probably heard a million times? In such a case, consider one of the topics below:

  1. Traditional family and modern relationships: is there more in common than different?
  2. Bringing up children in classic families and alternative ones: what makes the child happy?
  3. Regular sugar and its alternative: is it much healthier?
  4. Viruses against infections: different problems under the same cover.
  5. Two similar drinks with two different brands: comparing management approaches of Coca Cola and Pepsi companies.
  6. Working at home or going to the office: how to guarantee the productiveness of employees. 
  7. Anorexia or obesity: which disease is the most damaging? 
  8. The natural beauty and the one made by the doctors: which one is better?
  9. Living in a marriage without love or staying lonely: the hard choice of the problematic relationships. 
  10. Being a careerist vs. being a family person: defining the paradigm that is valued the most. 
  11. Excessive medical intervention vs. total refusal from the treatment: what is worse?
  12. Lifetime sentence or death penalty: which one is cruelest? 
  13. Passive smoking and active smoking: which brings more harm?
  14. Vegan diet and vegetarianism: the significant differences.
  15. Life in 2020 and life in 2000: what changed in 20 years?
  16. Professional medicine and untraditional assistance: possible benefits and shortcomings.
  17. Child-free people and antinatalists: what is the difference?
  18. Poverty in India and poverty in the United States: does the country matter?
  19. Drug addiction vs. alcoholism: what is worse?
  20. Intelligence or wisdom: what is more important?

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