Cause and effect essays are among the most exciting types of writing which a lot of students enjoy working on. Moreover, teachers and professors often let the students choose any topic for this type of paper to engage the interest in further investigation. Indeed, there are hundreds of topics you can choose from; and sometimes, it makes the decision-making process especially hard. That is why we have created a list of great cause and effect essay topics your teacher will never forget!

Easy cause and effect essay topics

You can avoid unnecessary struggles and choose topics that have lots of available sources to use. It is always a pleasure to work on the paper when you have plenty of information to think about and many points to develop in your writing. Therefore, you can choose a good topic from the list below:

  1. Causes and effects of drug use/drug addiction among teenagers
  2. Major causes of eating disorders
  3. Why are young people afraid of a long-term commitment?
  4. Homosexuality: the issue of nature or nurture?
  5. Why people become racists?
  6. The impact of stress on the person.
  7. The variety of effects of globalization.
  8. What makes the person violent? The phenomenon of domestic violence.
  9. Effects of excessive use of the social media.
  10. Are GMO foods hazardous? The major consequences of the technology.
  11. Causes and effects of the peer pressure. 

Funny cause and effect essay topics for college

In case the regular topics are not interesting enough for you, you can always add a little bit of fun in the classroom (of course, if your professor doesn’t mind). With these topics, you will definitely surprise your peers and make an impression of the person who prefers to think out of the box.

  1. Pretending to be dumb: useful effects.

  2. Effects of men’s income and popularity among women.
  3. Positive consequences of having logical problems.
  4. Hilarious effects of making acquaintances through Tinder.
  5. What makes young men marry?
  6. Reasons for the modern body trends.
  7. Possible effects of allowing professional sportsmen using steroids.
  8. Why do reach people steal?
  9. Why is everything made in China?
  10. Consequences of extremely long gaming experience.
  11. Benefits of having no relationships during college.
  12. Effects of consuming one type of meal during a month.
  13. Consequences of eating during studying.

Unusual cause and effect essay topics

Wish to avoid boring topics that everyone uses to write cause and effect papers? Then you can stick to the options from the list below: they provide a new look on the well-known problems or raise the issues which are rarely discussed in the classrooms (even though they are really interesting). 

  1. Consequences of a long-term refusal from an alcohol.
  2. Is sex really beneficial for the health?
  3. Is pregnancy damaging a woman’s health?
  4. The effects of space pollution.
  5. Can meditation change person’s life? Beneficial effects of meditation.
  6. Positive impact of video games on the teenagers’ development.
  7. Why are people cheating?
  8. Unexpected consequences of excessive parental control.
  9. Negative effects of sport.
  10. Causes and effects of excessive sexual activity.
  11. The effects of smoking electronic cigarettes.
  12. Causes of global warming people don’t think about.


Skeptic cause and effect topics

Being skeptical sometimes may help to investigate the issue from a different point of view. That is why you may wish to choose one of the not-so-optimistic topics that will add a new look at the good old idea. 

  1. The shortcomings of the vegan diet.
  2. The possible side effects of being an Instagram celebrity.
  3. The causes and effects of Internet piracy.
  4. Evaluation of Trump’s reforms long-term effects.
  5. Is Brexit really beneficial for the UK citizens? Investigation of the possible outcomes. 
  6. The effects of the credit culture: living in debts.
  7. Causes and effects of adult experience living with the parents.
  8. The dark aftermath of the current technologies.
  9. The side effects of the long-distance relationships. 
  10. Causes and effects of cheating in the universities.
  11. The negative impact of feminism on the women.

These were the best cause and effect topics in 2020, which will catch the attention of your audience and will receive an appreciation from your professor. In case you need assistance with writing your cause and effect essay, you can always place the order with us and get the top-notch paper on any topic from the selected experts.