Even though there is a bunch of information on abortion, it may be challenging to write an abortion essay as there is a variety of myths and contradicting positions on the topic. That is why we have created a short guide on writing abortion papers and created a few specific topics you can choose for your work.


Tips on Writing a Research Paper on Abortion

Here are some tricks that can help you to write a successful abortion essay or research paper that will receive an A from your professor:

1. Formulate a narrow topic

When writing about abortion, this rule is especially important: no-one is interested in another paper for or against pregnancy termination. If you are working on the research paper, you definitely should pick a narrowed option: choose one aspect of abortion termination, such as a specific method, particular risk, or causes. You may even want to research the issue of personal experience and build your paper on the interview with those who have come through abortion.

2. Stay objective (especially if you are working on the research paper)

With such a widely discussed topic, you are most likely to have your opinion regarding the topic. However, if you are working on the research paper, you should stay objective and avoid saying your personal position. Be sure to provide both positive and negative sides of this phenomenon without sticking to any particular side.

3. Double-check your sources

The issue of abortion is not discussed solely by the researchers; therefore, you should be attentive while choosing the sources. It is evident that religious scientists will be trying to prove the risky nature of abortions, while the feminist author will be stating the opposite. This is why you should check the background of the author, his sponsorship, and the journal the article is published in. Besides, you should also critically evaluate the methodology of the research and its outcomes to be sure that everything was conducted according to scientific standards.

4. Avoid being emotional

As you are writing on a complicated topic, you might sound too emotional in your research paper. However, you are working on an academic paper, so be sure to avoid writing excessively sensitive content. Stick to your arguments and findings instead.

5. Dont blame or hurt anyone

Unconsciously, you may hurt othersfeelings while working on the research paper on abortion. This is a sensitive topic, so your statements should not sound offensive to anyone. Moreover, try not to blame anyone, neither those who support nor those who criticize abortion as you are required to present the evident information on the issue.


Abortion Research Paper Topics

As we have discussed earlier, it is necessary to narrow down the abortion topic to come up with a specific aspect that would be interesting to research. Here are some topic examples that you may want to use or develop further:

  • Is there regret after abortion: A study on the personal experience of women who terminated their pregnancy.
  • The risks of medication abortion before and after the 9th week of pregnancy.
  • The impact of abortion criminalization on the society (on the example of the specific country).
  • Changes in the social attitudes to abortion throughout the 20th-21st centuries.
  • Defining the sociological predispositions to pregnancy termination among women.
  • Male experience of partners abortion: a psychological perspective.
  • Defining the most widespread myths regarding abortion: debunking the social stereotypes.
  • Stigmatization of women who had an abortion in modern society.
  • The prevalence and the major reasons for teenage abortions.
  • The correlation between the socio-economic background, educational level, and possibility of abortion.

Abortion Research Paper Outline Example

Introduction. Statistics on abortion: prevalence, population, major reasons.

Regardless of abortion being a widespread practice, modern society still did not formulate a certain opinion or even legal regulations of this procedure.

Thesis statement: Abortion should be legalized in all the countries as it will decrease the risks of illegal abortion, eliminate stigmatization of women who terminate their pregnancy, and increase the societys wellbeing in general.

Argument 1. Abortion criminalization does not decrease the number of pregnancy termination operations.Instead of addressing doctors, women prefer getting assistance from illegal service providers.Such operations are conducted in improper environments, increasing the risks of infections and complications.

Argument 2. Abortion legalization can help society to reduce the negative attitude toward women who had come through abortion.Many women have abortions involuntary, having a medical predisposition to abortion terminations.Women who had an abortion experience may face psychological trauma due to social prejudices, considering further pregnancy as a potentially negative experience.Not all women want children, and this decision should not suppress them.

Argument 3. Legal abortions lead to increased societys wellbeing, which can be traced through the various factors.Ability to make abortion legally with the help of professionals reduces the risks of future infertility among women.There is a correlation between abortion legalization and crime rates in the United States.Abortion refers to the freedom of the woman to use her own body, and the state cannot limit it.

Counterargument. Abortion is an operation with the specific risks that are usually hidden from women. The doctors usually do not inform the women on the risks of abortion, especially in case curettage is made.However, information on the risks is available to everyone, so it is for the woman to make a decision and weigh all the pros and cons.

Conclusion. Abortion should not be regarded as an ethical issue as it is a question of public health.Women should have a right to decide whether they want a child or not by having access to professional assistance and credible information.

Abortion Argumentative Essay Example

Of the 56 million abortions per year worldwide, 22 million are unsafe abortions performed by people without the right qualifications or in inappropriate conditions. This is the result of abortion criminalization, which is apparent even in the liberal democratic countries. Judging by the variety of arguments, abortions should be legalized everywhere as it will decrease the risks of illegal abortion, eliminate stigmatization of women who terminate their pregnancy, and will provide the women with the ability to treat their bodies as they want to.

First of all, if a woman has decided to have an abortion, the ban will not stop her. She will either do it illegally or go to another country. Poland is among the countries with the strictest abortion regulations. Nevertheless, from 50 to 100 thousand polish women make abortions annually. In addition, approximately 2,000 pregnant women each year illegally purchased pills and other means through the Internet for independent abortion at an early stage of pregnancy. Legal restrictions on abortion lead to injuries and death, as more women seek illegal and unsafe ways to end a pregnancy. After all, far from accessible to everyone options with a trip to another country.

Secondly, abortions are connected with various prejudices, which seriously affects the psychological wellbeing of the woman. Not all the women want to terminate their pregnancies; sometimes, they do not have another choice, being limited financially, or having medical conditions that require pregnancy termination. Regardless of the situation, such women will still be blamed for killing a baby; already having a traumatic experience, they will face a high risk of depression and more severe mental issues as the result of social blaming. If the abortion was legalized, the society would perceive it as a standard medical procedure, decreasing the suppression of those who have to terminate their pregnancies.

Finally, abortion is the procedure that a woman makes with her body, so it is only for her to make a decision. Having a baby is a complicated process, which requires psychological preparedness, financial costs, a lot of time, and support. In case the woman does not have one of these conditions or simply does not want to be pregnant in a particular period, she should have a right to terminate the abortion.

In the modern world, people are free to choose their marital status, country of residence, professional path, lifestyle, and even gender. Why then many countries deprive the women of the right to decide what to do with their bodies and their future?