General Benefits of Immigration Essay

Immigration is a complicated process that requires a lot of time and effort, changing people's lives completely. At the same time, with each year, more and more people tend to change their places of living. There is no wonder that a number of reasons may inspire people to immigrate.

Living conditions

Naturally, the main reason for moving for most is changing living conditions. I will not describe this point for a long time because it is already apparent. Everyone is looking for something different: security, stability, financial well-being, more comfortable conditions for themselves and their families, a new society, climate, and so on. Here everyone sets their priorities and selects a country based on the possibilities and wishes for improving living conditions.

New opportunities

Even though immigration sometimes forces you to descend for a while down the social ladder, in general, the whole process can be a completely new leap in life for you. Sometimes, to take two steps forward, you must first step back. In immigration, you can get a new education or start a new career. You can discover something completely unexpected in yourself and open up on a different level. All the difficulties that you overcome in immigration can and should make you better. And it depends only on you how effectively you can apply these changes.

Expansion of consciousness

Thanks to the move, you will almost certainly significantly change your consciousness and reach a new level of perception of the world. Believe me, after years of immigration, your view of many things changes. Even moving from one city to another often has a beneficial effect on our minds. But thanks to the cultural exchange that happens when you move to another country, your eyes open even more comprehensively. Almost all those who have moved notice changes in themselves and begin to pay attention to a specific gap in understanding many things with those who have always lived in only one place. I don't want to offend anyone, and I know that there are always exceptions. But immigration does give a strong impetus to the perception of many things. What used to be the norm becomes unacceptable, and vice versa; some things that seemed incredibly unattainable become common phenomena of life. For example, after one immigrate, the whole world's borders become more and more blurred; you no longer perceive travel or even immigration as something incredible and out of the ordinary. Your attitude to the cultural differences of different people changes, your attitude to earnings and money changes, and your attitude to the concepts of happiness and harmony may even change.


If you move to a country where they speak a language that is not your native language, in my opinion, this is great. Yes, this imposes some difficulties, because you have to learn. But it also benefits you. Knowledge of multiple languages can distinguish you as a professional. Besides, the very process of studying also affects your consciousness and changes it for the better. Your brain is actively moving, which brings real benefits to it.

General Improvement

Not everyone can benefit from immigration. Everything here is individual and depends on your flexibility. But if you do plan to move, then you really want to change. And, therefore, your consciousness can have the necessary traits for productive change. When people move, not only the living conditions around us, but we ourselves become better. We grow and develop, get to know new people and their sometimes unusual stories, discover a new culture and way of life, learn to solve complex problems, overcoming ourselves, our laziness, and fears. Every difficulty one faces in immigration can make one a better person if they learn the right lesson. Independence, the flexibility of consciousness, desire to improve, patience, and adequate perception of the situation will help you in the process of adaptation.

Of course, not every person can get the benefits from immigration: a stable percent of immigrants either move back to their homeland or face depression, anxiety, and other negative psychological consequence. The results highly depend on the personality, professionalism, and ability to adjust to changes. Nevertheless, immigration as a phenomenon has many positive sides that can develop the person and significantly improve life quality.


The Benefits of Immigration in the United States

When talking about immigration, the majority of people think about developed countries, such as Canada or the USA. That is why these countries usually have the highest portion of people coming there for a living. In this essay, the benefits of moving to the United States will be briefly listed.

Easy to Assimilate

America is a country of immigrants. People of hundreds of nationalities live here, and the locals generally relate to foreigners easily and without the snobbery. It is felt immediately upon arrival. If a foreigner has a green card, they can apply for citizenship. You can participate in the lottery for free. Six months later, in May, the results of the winnings are published, and after that, the process of preparing and submitting documents to the consulate begins. No other country raffles for a residence permit. In Europe, to obtain a residence permit, you need to purchase real estate for a certain amount, more often from 250 thousand euros, or be a highly qualified specialist.

If you come as a refugee or illegally, the process of obtaining citizenship will be delayed. We'll have to find a lawyer to handle the case and pay him. But there is no guarantee that the lawyer will win the case. If the judge decides not to issue a residence permit, people will be deported to their homeland. Thanks to immigrants, there is an opportunity to get to know the whole world without unnecessary problems with passports, visas, and expensive flights. There are ethnic communities in almost every state, so a migrant from any country is likely to meet fellow countrymen, approximately in 2020. The data is inaccurate because many cross the border with Mexico or arrive on tour and remain illegally.

Ability to Learn English for Free

Many states have free ESL - English as a second language school. Here you can learn English from scratch. To enroll, you need to pass a test for knowledge of English. It is held once a week for everyone. The worse you pass the test upon admission, the lower the level from which your studies will begin. To move on to the next one, you need to pass an exam. Someone quickly grasps knowledge and gives one level in a couple of weeks.

After the end of the seventh level, students are waiting for High School: there, you can learn a profession and get a license to work. The specialties are simple: truck driver, educator, manicurist, hairdresser, but they will be trained for free. The only negative is that you have to study from 6 months to 1.5 years.

High Wages and Living Standards

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US's median wage in 2020 is $ 957 per week. Earnings depend on the specialty. The highest salaries for large companies' doctors and executive directors - from $ 10,000 per month, oil and gas workers - from $ 9,000, pilots and military - from $ 7,500, engineers, IT specialists, lawyers - from $ 7,000. The lowest-paid professions are nanny, farmer, cleaner, fisherman, salesman, gardener. People in these specialties earn less than $ 3000 per month. In America, real estate, medicine, and life in general, are expensive. You can compare prices as much as you like, but this does not change the main thing - there is a lot of money in the United States, and you can earn it.

State Aid

The social security system is made up of different programs that are approved at the regional and federal levels. Only the amounts of aid differ.

Benefits to the unemployed. Americans and residence permit holders are eligible for unemployment benefits. Benefits vary from state to state but average 20-30% of average monthly earnings. For example, with a salary of $ 4,000, the benefit would be approximately $ 1,200. To find a job, you need to call social services or come to the office. During the pandemic, all taxpayers, working and unemployed, were given $ 1200 each, and the amount of payments for children and unemployment benefits was increased.

In America, benefits are paid to the poor, for minor children, for disability and loss of working capacity. For example, in California, you can get paid if the annual income is less than $ 47,000 for one person or less than $ 97,000 for a family of 4. Depending on the situation, they can provide money for food, help with rent, get free kindergarten and free Medi-Cal. Each state has its own nuances, you can find out about them in the social service.

All citizens over 66 receive the pension. The state pension fund pays it to both Americans and immigrants. The amount of the pension depends on the length of service, age, salary and state. To receive payments from the state from the social fund, you must have at least 10 years of work experience in the United States. If it is not enough, pension payments will not be assigned, but it will be possible to receive social benefits.

In the states, the retirement age is determined by the year of birth: for those born before 1960 - 66 years, for those born in 1960 and later - 67 years. The average pension is about $ 1000. The later you start working officially, the lower the payment will be. Those who have worked for at least 35 years receive a full pension. You can go on vacation earlier, at 62, but then payments will be less by 20-25%. For pensioners, there is a Medicare program - this is something like our compulsory medical insurance: you can get medical consultations and outpatient treatment for free. America cannot boast of high pensions, but if you work hard, you can easily save money for a comfortable old age.

Free food. Churches and charities often distribute food to unemployed young people, families with children, and retirees. To confirm the status, they will ask for an identity document and a rental agreement with a paid utility bill. Once, we went to one of these centers with fellow guys. We were given vegetables, pork, beef, eggs, dairy products, nuts. You can find places in groups on Facebook: they are usually called free or bank food.

America is not a country for everyone, but it is definitely a country for immigrants. It has lots of opportunities for anyone who is ready to work hard and learn something new. There is no wonder that it has become a dream for lots of immigrants that wish to have a decent life. 


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