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Can Money Buy Happiness Essay Example

    The question if money can buy happiness is trivial yet unspecified: although it is really difficult to stay happy without money, there are lots of examples of people who have more than enough money but stay drastically dissatisfied with their lives. Still, upon reading the studies and conducting a philosophical analysis, it can be stated that money can buy happiness; however, it is a question of their quantity.

    Money is a tool that enables people to afford quality food, medical care, and exercises in gyms and fitness clubs that helps to maintain suitable health conditions. With the help of money, you can develop intellectually by buying the necessary books and getting an education in the best universities. With money, you can travel, visit any place on the planet, be inspired and develop the way we want it. All these abilities are closely related to the feeling of happiness as they fulfill people’s lives with vivid emotions and memories. Money helps people to get emotions that lead to positive results. For example, new clothes often make people more confident. Acquired self-confidence can help to get the dream job, a perfect partner, admiration of friends and colleagues. Money help to buy fresh experiences and equipment for the favorite hobby. Thanks to this, a person develops creatively and achieves balance. For those who value stability, having money in a bank account helps to gain confidence in the future, because they can cover unforeseen expenses, such as car repairs or emergency medical care for a family member. If to consider all the possibilities that money open, one can easily state that money may buy happiness.

    Money are also essential when it comes to relationships. There are many examples when financial problems destroy families. This can be verified once again from the work of Jeffrey Dew, who back in 2009 showed the relationship between financial problems and divorce. Loneliness or the absence of a partner is discouraging for many, and it goes without saying that a comfortable partnership becomes a source of happiness. Money, in this case, plays an important role in creating and maintaining good relationships in marriage, while minimizing stress. You can hire a nanny, cleaning lady, or other household helpers to spend more time with your family and not be distracted by minor problems. People that have enough money to look good and wear fashionable clothes also tend to have high self-esteem that affects the way they are perceived by others. Therefore, people are more likely to fall for the people that look good and behave confidently. In addition, dates in the well-known restaurant are more appealing than a quick meal in McDonald’s that some people can afford. Therefore, finding a partner becomes much easier when the person has enough money. As success in personal life highly affect person’s overall feeling of happiness, with money one can buy everything to be happy in relationships and happy in general.

    Despite this, complete happiness cannot be so easily bought. Princeton University expert Angus Deaton, in his work with Daniel Kahneman, showed that although wealthy people have a more positive attitude toward their lives, there is no direct relationship between wealth and daily emotional satisfaction. In addition, they found that health, loneliness, smoking, and not money were the most prominent indicators of assessing daily emotions. Scientists argue that with money people are able to buy satisfaction, but not happiness, although the lack of income has a negative impact on both. Upon reaching a certain individual income (not per household), the positive and non-anxiety effects practically stop growing, and the stress level starts to build up. Well, what did you want? The rich people also cry. The second and third houses are big troubles and fears - anxiety about high income does not relieve, just worry about some things is replaced by worry about others. After a certain level of income, the positive in life also ceases to grow: all places for rest have already been visited (and what kind of rest - you have to work!), All exotic dishes have been tried. At the same time, after $ 75,000 / year, the previously reduced stress starts to build up again! High incomes are often accompanied by increased stress, and it turns out that the optimal income at which the average American experiences the greatest emotional well-being was in 2008-2009. in the range of $ 75,000- $ 90,000. Therefore, even though money can buy happiness, big money does not equal significant happiness.

    Still, there are studies that prove that lack of money increase the overall felling of dissatisfaction with life and, therefore, makes people unhappy. The same study proves that until the income of $75,000, which can recalculated for the current year as $110,000-$120,000, the feeling of happiness increases with the increase of income. Indeed, significantly poor people have lots of problem to be preoccupied with: they need to find money for home, food, education, and clothes. They are forced to eat unhealthy food, because it is cheaper, which, along with poor medical coverage, affects their health and overall wellbeing. They also have to work a lot to satisfy their basic needs, which mean that they fo not have enough time to communicate with their family or friends. They also usually cannot afford any hobbies as they need to spend time and money for that. Of course, some people can easily live with a little or no money at all: they are focused on their inner development, trying to eliminate the impact of finances on their lives. However, the majority of people still rely on their finances and need money to have a decent life; therefore, when having problems with income, they tend to feel stress and pressure. Stress is a powerful factor of unhappiness, so even if money cannot buy happiness, they can help to avoid unhappiness.

    So can money buy happiness? The relationship between money and the feeling of happiness is quite complex, but their relationship cannot be discarded, as well as putting material wealth above all else. I believe that it is first of all important to determine your true needs and desires, and then look for the tools to translate them into reality. Otherwise, the risk of deceiving your expectations is high. After all, money often allows you to get a feeling of satisfaction, which passes quickly enough. And here the correct question should be the wording “for what?”, and not “how much?”.

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