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Writing dissertation can be challenging: you should dedicate so much energy and time to produce a single piece of writing. Not mentioning the necessary word count required for such types of assignments, you should spend hours doing in-depth research as no-one wants to see well-known and obvious facts in a dissertation. Starting to write it, you may see no light at the end of the tunnel, as even after weeks of research you might not write a singe page. Seems like a real disaster, right?


That is why we have created a proficient academic assistance service that can ease your pain and take the majority of work. All you need to do is to place the order with us, provide all the necessary instructions, and wait for our experts to help you with dissertation.


You may tell “this dissertation will cost a fortune — it’s too much for me!” We understand your concerns. However, our aim is to make such services affordable for everyone: that is why we suggest the lowest possible prices along with free services, such as free title page and free references list.


Cheap Services of Dissertation Editing and Proofreading

Have you already completed your dissertation but still don’t feel confident about it? Unfortunately, current requirements to dissertations may make anyone doubt their ability to complete it correctly. Often, the author has no-one to ask for assistance or comments. Luckily, we have a solution! Those clients that have already completed their dissertation can request Editing service on our website. What does it do?


Editing presupposes:

  • Checking grammar
  • Adjusting formatting
  • Ensuring the correct flow and coherence of the text
  • Highlighting areas that require significant improvement.


Having requested dissertation editing, you may be sure that your paper has passed initial check and can be submitted further. This is a perfect tool for student who seek additional assistance while working on their dissertations.


How to Ensure the Best Quality while Getting a Cheap Dissertation Help?

We define two types of customers that we meet when working on their dissertations. The first type is busy people who need to get their order done. They rarely check messages, don’t give too many details, and often do not get in touch with the writers. Sometimes they don’t care about the topic and details — what they need is a completed project. Another type of customers is totally different: they prefer working together with the writer, providing all the possible information, such as class readings, grading rubrics, and even personal examples. All these types of behavior are possible and even helpful for our writers. However, we decided to develop a universal set of rules that will help you in receiving the paper of your dream in any case.


  1. First of all, make sure to provide clear instructions for the paper. You can writer them in paper details or upload them as files — any convenient way would do. What is essential here is that you need to check the instructions before submitting them and ensure that parameters of the order you have chosen are correct. In such a case, we will be able to start working on your paper right away.
  2. Secondly, try to maintain communication with the writer. You will have a chat box with both the writer and our support team. Sometimes you may wish to add some details after the order is submitted, to clarify some points of the instructions, or the writer may ask for some information. In such a case, the order will be completed faster and more efficiently if all the clarifications are provided on time,
  3. Thirdly, make sure that the portion of information you give is proportionate to the number of words you request. Adding five books of 200+ pages along with ten other files with instructions for a one-page order would be reluctant whereas providing only one topic for 30-pages thesis may lead to having the final paper different from what you were expecting to receive.
  4. In case of dissertation writing, we strongly advise using progressive delivery option: it enables dividing the paper in parts and check each part separately. You will have an opportunity to pay for each part and keep track of dissertation writing progress. The writer will start working on the second part only after the first is approved. Of course, such feature is possible for the orders with rather long deadlines (at least, 7 days) and requires the customer to be interested in cooperation. In order to stay on track with the schedule and get the finished paper on time, the client is asked to check each part as soon as possible. You can always find out more about our Progressive delivery feature by contacting support team.
  5. As for the deadlines, we also ask our customers to stay objective. Of course, everything is possible, and sometimes you can complete a huge paper in a day only. Still, in such a case, it is impossible to achieve high quality of the written text. Therefore, we suppose that one page of work with research, writing, and proofreading requires one hour of expert’s work. However, extensive papers require extensive research, so we advise choose at least 5-days deadlines for dissertations or dissertation chapters. If you need it faster, make sure to discuss specifics of such writing with our support team.


Frequently Asked Questions about Dissertation Assistance

Do I need to provide my draft?

  • If you have an outline or any idea on your mind that you wish to have included, make sure to share it with the writer. By doing so, you will make sure that you are on the same wave.

Should I provide my sources?

  • Our writers can use their own sources while completing a dissertation for you. However, you can also provide those sources that you believe are crucial for completing your paper.

Is it possible to have extended deadline for my dissertation?

  • The longest deadline we have for the regular papers is 14 days: we believe that it’s more than enough for the expert to complete writing. However, we also made available longer deadline for dissertations — a month. You can also inform support team if you can give more time than that.

Can the writer finish the paper for me?

  • If you already started working on the paper, but stopped at some point, the writer will be able to complete it for you. They will maintain the similar writing style so that the readers would not have any dissonance when checking dissertation.

Reference page will be quite extensive. Should I pay for it too?

  • It is impossible to write a big paper while using 1-5 sources only. Our website provides free reference page(s), title page, and table of content (upon initial request).


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