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Cheating Essay: What are the Major Reasons and Possible Consequences

    When the student has no time for writing essays or preparing for exams, sometimes it might seem a good idea to violate some rules and be more coward than usual. That is how cheating (essay or exam form) appears. On the one hand, this idea is completely risky: the educational institutions usually strictly punish those who violate their honesty code — up to exclusion. On the other hand, sometimes students see no other choice. In this essay, the major reasons for cheating will be defined, along with the outcomes of such actions.

    The first and the major reason for cheating is the lack of interest in the topic of the assignment or the subject in general. Almost each college and university has a set of different courses, the majority of which belong to the chosen major of the students. However, there is a percentage of obligatory disciplines in other fields. While some students find it interesting to learn something beyond their field of expertise, others struggle when trying to catch the idea of the subject they have zero interest in. Therefore, to minimize the time spent on studying and efforts, some students choose to violate their institutions’ policies.

    Lack of interest is not the only reason of cheating — sometimes students simply have no time for studying. This fact especially concerns adults who decided to get education while already having family and work. In such a case, they are forced to combine work duties, studying process, and even care for their family, which sometimes seems impossible. Moreover, many students also have part-time jobs to have money for their personal interests when having no wish to bother parents. Some students even manage to work and get payment to cover their education fees. Regardless the reason, there still is a fact that some people simply have no time left for completing assignments. In such a case, they prefer asking for a help or preparing notes to use during exams.

    Finally third reason is lack of self-confidence and patience. Some students worry too much because of studying while also do not feel that they are competent enough to complete the assignment properly. At the same time, they usually have a strong desire to receive the highest grade — or, sometimes, there are their parents who demand high grades from their children. In this situation, some students spend all their time on studying: they hire coaches and request additional meetings with the professors to get all the details of the course correctly. Still, other students cannot accept this path to success and choose the easier way: they simply pay someone for get their assignment done or look for other ways to get a satisfactory grade without worrying too much.

    When reasons for cheating are rather clear, the outcomes of this action might seem unpredictable. To start, the official consequence of cheating should be taken into consideration. According to the policies of the majority of institutions, cheating in any form, including plagiarism, copying others’ works, and buying assignments — leads to the exclusion either from the course, or from the institution. In the first case, the student still has a chance to resubmit the course assignment; however, they will lose one year as they will need to visit all the classes again in the next year. They should also pay for the course when passing it next year. At the same time, the professors might treat such students more precisely as the former have already showed their poor performance previously.

    Luckily for cheaters, some professors do not want to bury the academic career of their students. In such a case, they contact the students directly, ask for the reasons of academic dishonesty, and request to resubmit the assignment. Some professors might also add the proofs of plagiarism — if cheating essay was found — while others simply state that plagiarism took place. Usually students do not request additional proofs to avoid the possible conflicts. So, in such a scenario, the student will just have to do the work they had to do from the very beginning. To make the stricter punishment, some professors give additional tasks for their students: for instance, in addition to submitting the task one more time, the students are also asked to writer a cheating essay, where they would explain the reason for they misconduct.

    Of course, the cases when the cheater is not caught also happen. This might happen when the professor trusts the students and does not check the papers for plagiarism. Or, if the student buys the paper and gets the original copy to submit. Nevertheless, in such a case, the student can get a good grade without any punishment. They only have their conscience torments taken into account; however, for some students, the good grade totally covers the pangs of remorse.

    Cheating is a negative practice and should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask the professor for more time, change the course (if possible), or ask for additional time, if the student feels that they have no chances to submit a decently completed assignment on time. Considering all these alternatives, cheating is the last way the person should consider to choose.


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