Dissertation editing is a fast, easy, and reliable way to get the most out of your writing. Refer to the experts from myeasypaper.com for the cheapest and the most satisfactory results. 

As you are approaching finalizing your dissertation — or, maybe, have already completed it — you are already a hero! We understand how much time and effort you put into this piece of writing and how much research you have conducted. It would be so pity to get your points reduced just because of incorrect spelling or illogical phrases in your writing. And that is often the case as when working with a huge amount of data and words, it’s so easy to make errors. Not because you don’t know some rules — just because your eyes get tired and may skip irregularities. That is why we have developed a very special service for our customers — the best dissertation editing services on the market. 


What Does a Dissertation Editing Include?

Our services include a wide range of actions that our experienced editors will make. Let’s check it in detail:

  1. First, the writer will proofread your paper and check if the overall idea is okay. Even at this point, they can contact you and inform you what can be improved on the level of content, not the form or grammar.
  2. After the general idea is checked, the writer starts editing the paper from the point of coherence. They look for sentences that may seem difficult to comprehend or unclear and modify them to improve the overall flow. 
  3. When the paper’s coherence is advanced, the expert starts working on grammar mistakes and inconsistencies. They make sure that everything is written correctly and according to its meaning. 
  4. Finally, the editor improves paper formatting: they check the in-text citations and the references and adjust formatting if needed. Margins, spacing, and headers are also in focus. The expert may also inform you if any part of the text requires citation; however, they cannot add references themselves.
  5. After this, the editor proofreads the dissertation one more time to make sure that everything was taken into consideration. Only after these stages, we can deliver the edited paper to the customer. 


How We Will Edit your Dissertation or Thesis?

Now, let’s talk a bit about the process of placing the order for editing. We will need only two things for the order — the paper itself and your instructions. Even without instructions, the writer will be still able to improve the coherence and grammar of the essay. However, you can get profit from contacting our expert to see if any serious changes should be made to your dissertation to make it acceptable. 

The procedure for placing the order is quite simple:

  • Go to myeasypaper.com/order and choose the necessary number of pages — the number of pages/words your document has. Of course, we do not count the title page and references — we work with them for free!
  • Upload the paper itself and any other relevant materials (instructions, comments, grading rubrics, etc.)
  • Choose the category of the writer you would like to work with: Best Available, Advanced, or Top 20. 
  • Complete the payment.
  • Enjoy plenty of free time while our expert is working on your paper. 


Why Should You Choose Us for Dissertation Editing?

There are plenty of editing services on the market — so why should you choose us, and not well-known tools, such as Grammarly? Here is the short answer. 

  • We are significantly cheaper. Editing on well-known services costs from $30 per page, while our price is six times lower!
  • We are a team of professional academic writers. Academic papers require specific principles of writing, which may be unknown to professional editors. 
  • We are open to communication. You will be able to ask the writer and contact them at any time. 
  • We have revisions. If feel that not everything was improved, you can ask for a revision within 7 days after the order is approved. 


What if You Need More?

We understand that sometimes editing is not enough. You may require more or less assistance with your dissertation, so there are other services for your choice. 

  • For instance, if some parts of your dissertation appear to be plagiarized and you want to fix it — there is a wonderful service called Proofreading available for you. The writer will paraphrase necessary parts without changing their sense. 
  • Or, you may be sure that your grammar is perfect but cannot waste your precious time on checking formatting requirements. We have a wonderful solution for this issue — order a Formatting service and save the effort.
  • Finally, the writer may add missing information or parts of your thesis. Just choose Writing as a service in the order instructions and relax while our expert takes care of everything — starting with the content and ending with the formatting peculiarities. 

What should you do when your order requires a little bit of writing, a little bit of paraphrasing, and some editing in addition? Just provide your paper and contact our support — our team will calculate everything for you so that you don’t have to. As simple as it is.


Save your energy, time, and effort while writing the thesis with myeasypaper.com. Order thesis editing services — and stop worrying about missing commas, misspelled words, or lack of coherence in your sentences. Our experts will bring your dissertation to the next level. 


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