Everything seems to be so right when it comes to essay rewriter: this tool enables paraphrasing of text while keeping its meaning but with absolutely different words! Seems like a real miracle for a student that has no time or desire to spend all the time on writing essays. However, everything is not that simple. Here is why you should be careful when looking for an essay rewriter.



Why Essay Rewriting Tools Aren’t That Good

Here are several issues to consider before ordering essay rewriting as a service. 

  1. First, there are lots of automatized tools that change words for synonyms without taking care of the content idea. If you use too many synonyms, your text will lose its meaning. If you use too little — the difference between your version and the original version will be unnoticed. 
  2. Secondly, automatic rewriting presupposes a change of words but not the sentence structure. As a result, if your professor reads two versions of the text, they will immediately understand that one of them is a slightly changed version of the second one. 
  3. Thirdly, even if the sentence structure is changed, several hints can help your professor notice the similarity. For instance, they can see that you used the same sources or the same arguments. While the latter may appear in high school papers, college essays cannot have the same arguments or facts used in them.
  4. Finally, rewriting services may not solve the main problem you have when ordering them — plagiarism. Even if we imagine that your professor was lazy enough to check the papers and read them carefully, only examining originality instead, some of the modern plagiarism checkers may find poorly paraphrased phrases in the text. Hence, with machine rewriters, you cannot feel safe as a student who uses academic assistance. 


Are There Any Alternatives?

What to do if you cannot write the text on your own but still need to submit something? Here are several solutions — all of them are available on our website.

The first one is ordering a custom writing service. You can further use it as a draft and paraphrase it by yourself or submit it as it is — in any case, the originality of the work is guaranteed. The writer will complete the essay according to your instructions and expectations, saving your time and precious nervous system. 


What if you are tight on budget? We have an option for you as well!

Check out our paraphrasing service. Unlike rewriting tools, real writers take care of your paper, making sure that it is different from the original version even though it preserves all the facts and ideas in it. Paraphrasing is much cheaper than writing, so you will be able to save a lot of money if you order it. Make sure to provide the original copy for the writer’s reference and choose the necessary number of words — we will do the rest. 


To sum up, automatic rewriting is one of the cheapest yet the least effective ways to make your content unique. Instead of using it and wasting your money, pay attention to something really worthy — like paraphrasing by our experts or custom writing. In the latter cases, you will be able to receive a high-quality 100% original product for a nice price. 


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