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Future Plans Essay: What to Include

It’s so easier to write an essay about a future life plan when you already know what you are going to do. In such a case, an algorithm for writing is insanely easy:

  1. Write down your major future plans
  2. Categorize them
  3. Add details on how you are willing to achieve them 
  4. Profit!

However, the majority of high school and college students have no idea what they are going to do next month, not speaking of future years. It’s absolutely normal but really inconvenient when you have to write something about your future. So, what to include in your future plan essay when you have not a single idea of how you want to live your life? 

  1. Sit down and think about things you would like to do regardless of time, money, and other capabilities. Think of your pure desires, and that’s it. Write down everything that came to your mind.
  2. Now think about projections of your family, friends, and significant others on you. Write them down as well.
  3. From these two lists think of a compromise: something from your family projections that you would like to fulfill and something realistic from your dreams.
  4. Think about specific steps that can help you in fulfilling your dreams. Write them down.
  5. Congratulations! You have a rough outline for your essay.

Now that you have some ideas in your mind, let’s check an example below to see how exactly your future plans essay should be written.


My Future Plans Essay Sample

Every person is guided by wishes, dreams, and plans. The latter, however, is the key to success that is sometimes missing. That is why it is crucial to understand what and how you wish to achieve, especially at a young age when the world is full of possibilities. As for me, in my future life I expect myself to get a decent education to increase my financial status, travel as much as possible, and make work that would change people’s lives for the better.

I believe that education plays a major role in one’s ability to achieve something in the modern world. While previously education was hard to obtain, so people were forced to learn directly in their workplaces, nowadays every person can be educated if they have enough willingness to do so. Plenty of cheap and free courses, basic education, and student loans enable proper education for everyone. The inability to get a decent education shows one’s ignorance and laziness. As I am sure that education is essential for one’s successful life, I plan to get a degree in my chosen field of study and constantly increase my level of proficiency. I believe that education should not stop when a person graduates, so I will continue learning as much as I can. 

Education should help me in achieving one of the major aims of my adult life — financial growth. Whatever it sounds, money opens many doors, so it is essential to become richer to be able to develop further. For this, I am going to show excellent academic achievements that would make me a perfect job candidate in the future. I also develop my discipline and take other courses to broaden my horizons and stay well aware of modern trends. By working hard, I will be able to achieve my financial aims and not worry about money. 

My second intention is to travel as much as possible to see the world and how people live in different countries. Each nation is a source of a specific attitude to life and other values: the more you discover, the more enlightened to become. Hence, I see traveling as a tool of self-education as well: the more you learn about others’ lives, history, and culture, the wiser and more experienced you become. Moreover, by observing other cultures, I will be able to apply the most appealing concepts to my life. As a result, I will be able to live happily because I will understand how to do it and what I want to see in my life. Apart from that, traveling is another way to have fun and fulfill your life with lots of memories and emotions. It is absolutely necessary for anyone who has such a possibility. 

The final point of my future life plan is to make the world better — or, at least, the lives of several people. It may sound too theoretical and abstract; however, I believe that every person has everything to change someone’s life for the better. Once you understand how you can help, you should never lose a willingness to do so. I would like to change people’s lives regularly, and the best way to do so is to connect your life professionally with activities and public initiatives. I am yet to define how exactly I can change the world for the better as I lack experience and necessary knowledge. However, I will surely connect my life with social initiatives that will help people in need: either mayors or teenagers that need state protections. Regardless of what I choose, I am sure I will be able to change many people’s lives for the better. 

I know that the plan for my future life sounds too abstract and too romantic; however, that is how the plans of young people should sound. I know that I will modify and master them with time: as people constantly change, so do their wishes and abilities. However, I would like to keep this first version in my mind to know where to return once I lose my path. 


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