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Research Paper Topics on Health

To make it easier for you to use, we have divided topics into several categories. You can choose those you find the most appealing and modify them to make your paper unique.


Medical Research Paper Topics

  • Military conflicts’ effect on the mental and physical health of civilians
  • The newest opportunities in treating AIDS/HIV
  • Increased cancer: environment or prolonged time of living to blame?
  • Sleep disorders as the most common problem of modern young adults
  • Effect of modern lifestyle on physical health: the most positive and negative factors


Medical Ethics Research Paper Topics

  • Limitations of modern treatment use because of unethical research
  • Genetic engineering as a way to avoid congenital diseases: a review from the point of medical ethics
  • The controversy regarding drug-addicted people as mentally ill
  • The problem of compulsory contraception in cultures with limited human rights
  • Should surrogacy become legal?
  • Food supplements: helpful additions or devious business?


Public Health Topics for Research Paper

  • The problem of antibiotic resistance in current health care: effectiveness of preventative measures
  • Regulation of insulin prices in the United States
  • Public psychological assistance for everyone as a way to improve the nation’s mental health
  • Effect of increased life expectancy on the public health system
  • Effective approaches to increase the quality of healthcare services in public hospitals
  • Problems of measuring patient satisfaction rate in hospitals


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