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How to Be a Good Student Essay Example

Studying is a challenging process that requires a lot of time and effort from the side of the student. Unfortunately, not all young people are able to cope with stress and pressure, so they cannot make it to be really good at studying. What traits make a good student? Let us find out in a short essay below.

Among the things that make one an excellent student is self-discipline. While children are usually controlled by their parents, college and university students, as a rule, have more freedom, which means that they have more chances to skip lessons or homework. It is easy to understand: in the world, there are many things much more interesting than studying for a young person. At this point, many students lack the proper self-control to prioritize their needs, not able to choose the future. Students who managed to develop their self-discipline or have it naturally face significantly fewer difficulties when studying because they do not tend to procrastinate or avoid work that should be done. Self-discipline helps to study effectively and use the minimum time for this.

Apart from self-discipline, outstanding students have good time management skills. As young people do not want to study all day long, they have other interests that seem much more important than homework or information discussed in class. This is when time management can help. People who can prioritize their tasks and create a plan of fulfilling all of them can both study well and enjoy their free time. Unfortunately, time management is not studied in college, so it is a matter of personal responsibility and the ability to utilize given time effectively. Some students can do so naturally, while others need the assistance of adults or friends in planning their time. Still, if one learns how to manage their time, they will be able to increase learning productivity and become a good student.

Finally, exceptional students have a natural curiosity, which pushes them forward in learning new things. It cannot be stated for sure whether this trait is inherited or influenced by the environment. What is known for sure is that one’s curiosity plays a vital role in a student’s academic success. When the person is interested in what they study, they find no difficulties in perceiving new information, analyzing it, and producing their own research on the basis of received knowledge. At the same time, when being truly interested in the subject of study, one often comes up with fresh questions that push one even more in learning. Even though such a trait is not typical, natural curiosity is a thing that can make the student stand out.

To sum up, self-discipline, time management, and curiosity are among the most crucial qualities of a good student. Even though some good students may lack these factors and possess others, the three mentioned in the essay provide an exceptional combination that can make one a perfect student. Developing them is essential in every young person, regardless of their inherited traits as they can significantly increase academic achievement among students.


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