A novel 1984, written by George Orwell, is among the most well-known anti-utopias in world literature, so the majority of students usually are assigned to read it during their studying. Moreover, many professors might wish to assign you a 1984 summary essay or analysis to see how you interpret this book. Regardless of the type of paper you need to write, you will face the necessity to create a strong thesis statement for it — and we have already developed a few options for your inspiration. 


The Perfect 1984 Thesis Statement Examples

Option 1 (Suitable for the summary or descriptive essay)

Being among the most well-known anti-utopian novels of the world literature, Orwell’s 1984 provides an example of the state where people live under the constant control of the party, having no rights for love, decent living, privacy, and even for their own thoughts.


Option 2 (The best choice for the analysis)

In his novel, Orwell predicted the future in which we currently live: just as in Oceania of 1984, people now live under constant control, cannot see the whole truth and become the victims of state manipulation and propaganda. 


Option 3 (For those who prefer unusual interpretations)

A ban for the romantic relationships and regular sexual acquaintances can be considered a Freudistic interpretation of communism, where the libido is sublimated into the party activity or increased hate of the citizens. 


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