Body paragraphs comprise the majority of an essay, so it is essential to know how to write them correctly. On, we have created a brief but informative guide on writing a body paragraph. By reading it, you will be able to write essays on your own with no worries. 


What is a Body Paragraph?

Let’s start with a regular definition. A body paragraph is a part of an essay that proclaims one of the points in a text and describes it in detail. While introduction and conclusion create a frame for the paper, body paragraphs are the very its essence. Basically, in body paragraphs, you will develop the main points from your thesis statement, provide necessary details, and support your claims with valid sources. 


Key Parts of a Body Paragraph

Here we will talk about basic body paragraphs for essays that contain three paragraphs or more. However, the bigger the paper is, the more developed and miscellaneous paragraphs and structure it will contain. However, in basic essays, such as 5-paragraphs papers, you should stick to a typical structure. In such a way, you will ensure clarity and coherence of your text. 


So, here are the basic components of a paragraph:

  • topic sentence

It is an absolute must in any paragraph. Each paragraph should start from a sentence with a controlling idea. In other words, what will be written further?

  • supporting details

Here we usually have two types of support: detailed explanation and reference to sources. Unless you have an opinion or reflective essay, you should always provide valid sources that prove your claim.

  • concluding sentence

In this sentence, you can either summarize what was written before or write an interpretation of your words/sources. 


Writing a Body Paragraph: Step-by-Step Instruction and Example

Knowing all the major parts of an essay, we will now start writing an actual body paragraph, following specific steps. You can write your own body paragraph as you read this post. Let’s go!

Step 1. Check your thesis statement and get the first point from it.


The body-positive movement still did not reach its aim as fatphobia, unrealistic requirements for bodies, and the cult of sport are still apparent in society. 


Step 2. Write a draft of the topic sentence taking into account the chosen point. 


Fatphobia is still progressing in society as thin fit celebrities are dominating in the public field. 


Step 3. Find related examples


Lana del Rey was blamed for her chubby body after her photos were published in 2020. This critique continued in 2022. 
Hollywood films are still overloaded with actresses that fit the pattern of conventional beauty.


Step 4. Generalize your examples to create specific arguments. 


Celebrities are still blamed for the way they look.
In the public field, it is still easier to become a celebrity if you fit the standards.


Step 5. Add examples to each claim. Don’t forget to mention sources. 


Celebrities are still blamed for the way they look: while it is impossible to meet official critics, fans on social media always discuss body modifications of singers, actresses, bloggers, and hosts. In September 2022, photos of Lana Del Rey, who gained weight, got a wave of criticism on Twitter. However, it did not change much from perception of her body modifications in 2020 (Skinnyscoop, 2022). 


Step 6. Write a concluding sentence.

If even well-known people cannot give an example of healthy self-perception without being bullied and blamed, the realities of regular people are even worse.


Now that you have all your parts ready, you can combine them in one paragraph. Sometimes you may wish to add transitions if your text lacks coherence. That is why you need to revise the paragraph once you write it and check if everything is well.


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