Every marketing student will face the necessity to write marketing research and before that — a marketing research proposal. The latter will be a plan that shows the way marketing research will be further conducted. Usually, such proposals have a similar structure, which makes them easy to compose. You can check the widespread elements of the market research proposal below. 


So, the successful proposal contains


Briefly explain what is your future research about, why it’s necessary, and what it aims to find.


Explain your primary goals in the research and prove that they are essential to investigate.


Show the audience what is already known on the chosen topic — this is a shortened version of the literature review.

Intended outcomes

Consider this as a kind of hypothesis — what you wish to prove in the research.

Target audience

Define the parts of the market that you are going to investigate.


Explain how you will collect and analyze data and prove that such an approach will be the best for your research.


Provide a detailed plan on what and when will be done for the research.

Ethics of the research

Consider the possible ethical limitations of the study. If you believe that there are none, you can omit this section

Conclusion/Further outcomes 

Conclude your proposal and state the benefits of your research or the need for further investigation.