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Informative Speech on Cyberbullying: Outline Sample


  • Audience: college students.
  • Aim: to inform the students about the problem of cyberbullying in educational institutions.
  • Thesis Statement: Cyberbullying in educational institutions is an essential problem that leads to low academic rate, psychological problems, and even suicidal thoughts. 



Attention Grabber: About 37% of teens were bullied online at least once while 60% of young people faced the same problem.

Bridge: With 95% students being presented online, cyberbullying becomes the most popular form of psychological harassment. To understand its importance, numbers are not enough — we should also understand consequences of such behavior.

Thesis statement: Cyberbullying in educational institutions is an essential problem that leads to low academic rate, psychological problems, and even suicidal thoughts. 


Transitional statement: Now it’s time to see what happens to the victims of cyberbullying. 



Point #1

Facing cyberbullying leads to lowered self-esteem and studying motivation, which has an impact of academic achievements of such students.

  1. According to studies, cyberbullying is among the top factors, along with socioeconomic status and low self-esteem, that affect students’ academic performance.
  2. Moreover, not only the victims of bullying but also the bullies face problems with organizational issues in their educational institutions. 


Transitional statement: However, academic performance is not the worst outcome of cyberbullying.


Point #2

Psychological problems are inevitable when it comes to the results of cyberbullying.

  1. Victims of bullying find it much harder to adapt psychologically to the new social or educational environment. 
  2. People who are cyberbullies face various adverse psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, and feeling of loneliness. 
  3. Victims of cyberbullying have general lower psychological wellbeing even if severe outcomes are not represented. 


Transitional statement: If discovered on time, these psychological effects can be properly treated with the help of professionals. However, ignoring the problem may lead to severe outcomes.


Point #3

Among the most adverse results, high risk of suicide and suicidal thoughts among the victims of cyberbullying.

  1. According to 2022 study, victims of cyberbullying are four times more likely to think about suicide or try to commit it than other teens.
  2. Another study focused on suicidal attempts: there, victim of bullying had 1.9 more chances to commit suicide that an average teen.
  3. Even those who offend others online have 1.5 higher chanced of making suicidal attempts than the students that are not involved in any forms of cyberbullying.

Transitional statement: Now that we see the impact of cyberbullying, we can now summarize all evidence.



Summary of points: Such negative outcomes as psychological problems, low academic achievement, and suicidal thoughts are the major consequences of cyberbullying.

Closing sentence: All these points prove that cyberbullying is an essential problem that should be addressed in various ways, starting from personal level and ending from limitations in social networks. 


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