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Pet Adoption Persuasive Speech

  • Audience: college students
  • General purpose: to prove that it’s better to adopt a pet rather than to buy it
  • Specific purpose: to persuade that adopting a pet is more beneficial than buying in terms of saving animals and economy

Thesis statement: Instead of buying a pet — adopt it! In such a way, you will save money by also saving someone’s life.



Attention getter: Since the start of pandemics, Americans bought more than 9 million pets, which is roughly 4,5 million pets per year. That’s a lot. However, there is another number that is even higher. Each year, more than 6 million pets appear in American shelters. It means that people leave on streets more pets than they buy.

Connection to audience: As a future of society, we can change this statistics. First of all, we should be informed about pets adoption and consider it as a perspective for future.

Personal credibility: I have researched the problem through official data sources, articles, and personal stories to introduce you the general picture.

Thesis statement: My main thesis is clear. Instead of buying a pet — adopt it! In such a way, you will save money by also saving someone’s life.

Preview: To prove this claim, I will tell you about benefits of pets adoption. The first one is practical — economy. The second one is personal — it’s ability to change someone’s life for the better. 


Transition: Let’s start with the first reason.



A. Reason 1: A good dog breed will cost a lot, while adopting a pet costs nothing. 

    1. On average, a puppy will cost between $500 and $2500, excluding annual spendings on  keeping a pet. 

    2. Adopting procedure will cost only $50, so you will be able to spend money for something else. 


Transition: Yet, there is much more serious reason to adopt a pet. 


B. Reason 2: Adopting a pet, you are changing the world for the better.

    1. First of all, you are saving a pet’s life. 

        a) Shelters are often overcrowded, lacking funding for better conditions.

        b) Animals are stressed in shelters, as new animals constantly introduced, all in different health conditions. 

        c) Even in good conditions, animals still need a family. 

    2. Pets also may appear on the streets, left by their previous hosts, being under a serious danger.


Having these two reasons in mind, let’s summarize our ideas.



Restating thesis: So, adopting a pet is in all senses better, especially if you do not care about having a clean greed with all the documents. You save money and you save a life.

Call to action: Next time, when you decide to buy a pet, at least, take your time and go to a shelter. I am sure you will find a true friend there. 


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