The argumentative essays are extremely interesting as they allow you to introduce your point of view on the controversial topic and use the variety of tools to prove it. Moreover, such writing will also be useful in your future life as it helps you to master persuasion and argumentation skills. However, you may find it challenging to choose from the variety of argumentative essay topics, or choose the one which is too obvious and too widely used. This is why we have created an ultimate list of topics that will help you to write a great essay with no worries. Use our argumentative essay ideas and tips to get higher grades.

Tips for Choosing Good Argumentative Essay Topics

Even when having a variety of available topics, you may still be confused when choosing the perfect one for you. If that is your case, be sure to check our tips before selecting a suitable topic for your argumentative essay. 

  • Choose the topic you are interested in

You can argue on literally any point, so don’t force yourself to write about anything you are not passionate about. It would be easier for you to choose the topic you are already familiar with, and it will make the writing process much more enjoyable if the problem corresponds to the area of your interest.

  • Pick a narrow topic

Usually, your essay will not be longer than four pages only, so you should not choose any broad issue with a wide range of arguments for and against it. Try to choose something narrow, so that you could prove your point in 2-3 pages easily. 

  • Don’t select the well-known topic

It is extremely easy to write about the necessity to save energy or use electric cars. However, it is not as impressive as everyone already knows that. You can change the situation by taking the opposite position or choosing another, not so widely used topic. 

  • Don’t forget about your audience

They should also be interested in the thing you are going to argue about. Even if you think that the peculiarities of Minecraft are the most exciting topic ever, your audience may not agree on that point. Also, don’t forget about your teacher: he might be broad-minded enough to hear about sex-related topics or may be too strict and get furious if you write in favor of abortions. 

  • Avoid potentially insulting topics

The most controversial argumentative essay topics are undoubtedly the ones that are emotionally charged. However, you may offend a specific person or even a group by showing your position, so make sure the topic you have chosen is not potentially offensive.

  • Have enough information for your topic

You may come up with a really catchy topic, but it may be useless unless you have at least a few strong arguments that can back it up. If you have already spent a lot of time and did not write any persuading arguments, consider changing the topic. 

  • Choose the topic which has a factual background

You can write a lot about spiritual issues; however, you will not have pure facts that could help you in debates. Therefore, try to choose the topic which can be proven by the facts; it would be especially great if those facts had scientific nature. You will sound more persuasive if you choose the scientific articles as sources for your proofs.

  • Stick to the current topic

There is no point in writing about the use of social media as currently there are much more important topics to discuss. Therefore, try to pay attention to the media headings and tv news to define what the world currently talks about.

Once you utilize these tips, you will have significantly fewer options to choose from. Still, if you don’t know how to come up with an argumentative essay topic of your interest, you can check our list below. 

List of Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Modern technologies put an end to our privacy.
  2. Requirements for college admission are too demanding.
  3. There is still no gender equality in modern society.
  4. Social media is the most powerful tool in the elections.
  5. Drug use problem: treatment instead of punishment.
  6. Is democracy dead?
  7. Was Brexit that necessary for Great Britain?
  8. Will people ever live on other planets?
  9. Can electric cars really affect climate change?
  10. Only well-educated people should have the right to vote.
  11. The duration of higher education should be shortened.
  12. Can politics be not dirty?
  13. Cheating should be allowed in professional sport.
  14. Cheerleading supports the objectivization of women.
  15. Family defines the future relationships of their children.
  16. Is the office work necessary in the modern world?
  17. Communism should not be perceived negatively. 
  18. Rich people should pay more taxes. 
  19. Religion in the educational institutions: should it be promoted, allowed, or banned? 
  20. Misogyny is the main cause of gender inequality.
  21. Prisons cannot change criminals. 
  22. Is traditional marriage no longer popular?
  23. What is the main word of the year 2020?
  24. Are global corporations the real evil?
  25. Should the government regulate the components of all the food being sold?

Best Argumentative Research Topics for High School 

  1. Alcohol should be considered illegal.
  2. Is globalization a positive phenomenon?
  3. Health care should be free.
  4. Professional sport damages people’s lives.
  5. Should be the death penalty used in all states/countries?
  6. Is abortion a crime?
  7. What can prevent teen pregnancy?
  8. Are the universities fees too high?
  9. Should the college curriculum be changed?
  10. Is the current sex education effective?
  11. Voting age should be increased/decreased.
  12. Energetics should be banned.
  13. Are electronic cigarettes less harmful than regular ones?
  14. Harming the environment should be illegal. 
  15. Should we become afraid of the Third World War?
  16. How should the government regulate the issue of gun control?
  17. Should the voting system in America be changed?
  18. The necessity to reduce the working hours.
  19. Should the scientists develop cloning technologies? 
  20. Euthanasia should be legalized. 
  21. How to prevent a possible mass shooting?
  22. Having both parents is essential for the proper mental development of a child. 
  23. Is higher education really necessary? 
  24. Teachers are responsible for the students’ low grades.
  25. Is the white lie ever acceptable? 

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Rap should be banned because of violence propaganda.
  2. Is online education effective?
  3. Gamification is the key to an increase in interest among students.
  4. Pets help people to avoid stress.
  5. Toys should be gender-neutral.
  6. Lessons should be shorter in school.
  7. Should school uniform be obligatory?
  8. Should phones be banned in schools?
  9. Graffiti should be regarded as a new type of art.
  10. Are healthy relationships possible between people of different ages?
  11. Can exams really show the students’ knowledge?
  12. Obesity is the leading American problem.
  13. Horrors are damaging the mental health of teenagers.
  14. How much should we sleep?
  15. What is the most effective way to fight climate change?
  16. Zoos should be forbidden.
  17. Do technologies make people lonely?
  18. Diet promotion should be illegal.
  19. Cigarettes should be banned. 
  20. Do games cause problems with behavior? 
  21. School homework should be banned. 
  22. Playing video games should not be considered a sport.
  23. A video game can be an art too.
  24. The modern fashion puts too much pressure on the girls.
  25. How should bullying be punished?

Technological Topics for Argumentative Essays

  1. Should the use of technologies be limited?
  2. Modern technologies: A threat or a benefit?
  3. Should we create the rules for AI?
  4. AI can create more jobs than destroy.
  5. Only technical jobs will be available in the future.
  6. Do technologies spy on us?
  7. Should children have access to gadgets?
  8. Hackers: the warriors of good or evil?
  9. Are people dependent on modern technologies?
  10. Should the Internet be free for everyone?
  11. Should the police have the right to check your phone?
  12. Is sexting dangerous?
  13. Technological corporations, not politicians, rule the world.
  14. Should the drones laws be stricter?
  15. Is the idea to implement chips a good one?
  16. Should we be afraid of AI development?
  17. Should deepfakes become banned?
  18. Will the robots be able to feel emotions?
  19. Can people marry AI?
  20. Is virtual communication the same as the real-life one?
  21. Does Instagram harm people’s self-perception?
  22. Do technologies make people less happy?
  23. Should people use technologies to live longer?
  24. Changing body parts to the robotic ones makes people robots or not?
  25. Technologies are the key to order and safety.

Health-Related Argumentative Topics

  1. Are dietary supplements effective?
  2. Should we restrict animal testing?
  3. Should we be afraid of the new pandemic? 
  4. Should anti-HIV activists be imprisoned?
  5. Refusal from vaccination should be illegal.
  6. Diets are not healthy.
  7. Is a KETO diet safe?
  8. Professional sportsmen's nutrition is harmful.
  9. Is fast food that dangerous?
  10. Should we stop drinking cow milk?
  11. Are sugars dangerous for human health?
  12. What is more beneficial: eating meat or avoiding it at all?
  13. Is self-treatment effective?
  14. Is cancer the main problem of the 21st century?
  15. Can technologies prolong our lives?
  16. Is health hacking effective?
  17. Yoga as a key to a happier, healthier life.
  18. Should LSD be used for medical treatment?
  19. Mental health defines the physical one.
  20. Abortion should be free and legal.
  21. At what age should teenagers be able to change their sex?
  22. Should we imprison the bloggers who give advices that are dangerous for health?
  23. Should we develop online treatment?
  24. Should we really drink 2l of water per day?
  25. Healthy nutrition is the key to a healthy life.

Music + Art + Cinematography Essay Topics

  1. What defines art?
  2. Should the objects of art be that expensive?
  3. Should all movies be checked for gender and racial neutrality?
  4. Should actors be paid less?
  5. Should modern art be considered art?
  6. Songs about crimes should be banned.
  7. Hard rock music provokes cruelty.
  8. Modern art is too money-oriented.
  9. Netflix killed the movie industry.
  10. The modern songs' lyrics do not make sense.
  11. Is talent essential in modern art?
  12. The theaters are dead.
  13. Cinema is no longer less an art than the theatre. 
  14. Modern technologies negatively affect the content of contemporary movies.
  15. Music festivals are the places of drug distribution.
  16. Modern music videos are too sexualized. 
  17. Classical music is overestimated. 
  18. Are reality shows dangerous?
  19. Each student should learn to play a musical instrument.
  20. Can commercial become a piece of art?
  21. Should the critics study pop music as a form of art?
  22. Is photography an art? 
  23. Modern artists are the major agents of social changes. 
  24. Should the comics be considered a form of art?
  25. What is the most important painting of the 21st century? 


If you have chosen any topic that you prefer, you can further check our tips on writing a powerful argumentative essay or refer to our experts and place the order to have your perfect essay written as soon as possible.