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What Makes a Good Teacher Essay: Free Sample for Students

Teaching is a noble profession with centuries of history and influence on young minds. Teachers, along with parents, are responsible for raising new generations, making a direct or indirect impact on children and youth. However, not every person can become a good teacher, which creates a dramatic problem in the field of education. Therefore, it is crucial to define what makes a good teacher in terms of personal and professional qualities. 

Among traits that make a good teacher patience tends to be the most crucial. Working with children is emotionally difficult and exhausting as it presupposes constant communication with lots of people and children who have different values, characters, and attitudes to studying. To ensure an effective and stress-free studying process, the teacher should be calm and confident all the time, avoiding conflict situations and resolving them correctly. Children and teenagers, instead, have constantly changing and developing mental abilities and perceptions, which always make them act differently from conventionally set behavioral norms. At this point, young students can weigh normal behavior, posing challenges for the teacher’s mindset. The more patient the teacher, the better atmosphere they can create for their students, providing a basis for fruitful academic results. Patience is, therefore, crucial for a teacher’s success as professional and educational progress of students.

What also makes a good teacher is their educational background and readiness for constant intellectual development. It may seem that teaching children and youth presupposes a steady learning program that never changes. However, any field of science is never kept in the same place: each day, each hour, each minute, new information appears, and the teacher has to stay up-to-date through constant self-education. The more teacher knows, the more they can tell their students and make the learning process engaging. Apart from knowing their subject as well as possible, teachers should be also aware of the modern trends in education activities, approaches, and gadgets. Such knowledge will help them to modify lessons in a way that would seem more appealing to their students. They will know how to increase students’ productivity and interest in the subject, especially nowadays, when there is plenty of possibilities to do so. Self-education along with a teacher’s educational background are among the key traits that make the teacher a real professional. 

Another quality that makes a good teacher is empathy and extraversion. Being a teacher presupposes constant communication with children, teenagers, their parents, and other teachers, so for introverts, so much communication might seem excessive. For some people, it takes too much energy to talk to others all the time, so they may feel exhausted by the end of the day. In addition, conflict situations appear in the educational setting from time to time, so the teacher should know how to deal with them. What is more important, young students have very delicate minds, so it is very easy to step over the edge and negatively affect their psychological well-being. Therefore, a good teacher should be empathetic: they should always remember how difficult it is — to be a student, a child, or a teenager. Some children have difficulties with concentration, while others have problems in their families. The professional teacher should understand the situation in each case and do everything possible to help children to grow both intellectually and personally. 

Finally, a really good teacher needs to be a psychologist too. Teachers work with young and delicate minds that only start their path of development. Any age of childhood has its specific traits that should be properly addressed. Teachers should know what children can and cannot do at each age and how to help them develop particular skills. In addition, children spend a lot of time with their teachers, which means that the former are sources of influence and significant impact. To make this influence beneficial for the child, the teacher should know the basics of psychology to act correctly in each case. As the school environment seems safe and well-known for the child, they behave naturally in it, which means that teachers can observe the tiniest changes in regular behavior, which may alarm serious issues. The task of the teacher in such a case is to make sure that the child needs assistance and provide it correctly without unnecessarily traumatizing. Sometimes the teacher is the only person the student can trust, so it is necessary to know how to communicate with such a student properly. Hence, psychological background, or, at least, basic knowledge in psychology is absolutely essential for anyone who decides to start their professional path in teaching. 

Not every person can be a good teacher as it is an extremely complicated job that requires constant emotional involvement, stress resistance, and endless patience. However, if the person wants to succeed in the teaching career, they should develop the above-mentioned skills and constantly improve as a professional. 


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