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Who am I? This is a question that is hard to answer from the first attempt. On the one hand, I am a human. I am a thinking person with desires, fears, pains, and worries. Like any human, I care a lot for my close ones: I care about my family, my friends, and the people I know. I also do care about many people I do not know personally: I care about struggling people in Africa, those who are murdered by Russian troops in Ukraine, or those who are forced to flee from their homelands because of awful circumstances in their countries. 

I am also the daughter of my parents. I am a loving and caring person who will give everything to my parents. I know how much they gave me, so I am ready to express my gratitude every day. Calling them at least once per day and visiting them every weekend is the least I can do. I know how difficult it may be to raise a child, and how much one should sacrifice to be a good enough parent, and I am willing to give them back as much love as they gave to me. 

I am a student. Even though I am not the best one, I do my best to maintain diligence and willingness to know more. I am not a fan of all courses I have, like any student. However, I do love some of them, so I spend the majority of my time studying and trying to expand my horizons. I know that these years are extremely important for my future as now I develop as a professional and as a personality, so I am trying to be a good one. I appreciate all the pieces of knowledge I receive on my knowledge and try to memorize everything. I know that everything will come with patience and practice, but I still worry about my academic success. Still, I believe that I am a capable student with prospects. 

I am a devoted friend. I am not one of the party monsters or centers of attention, but I have several friends I truly care about. It is not easy for me to establish new relationships with people as sometimes I tend to be shy, especially with those who I meet for the first time. However, with some time, I can open my inner world to others. On the other hand, my modesty can be a plus in communication as I am a perfect listener. I am interested in every personality I meet so it is always a pleasure for me to listen rather than talk. My friends value this trait of mine as they know that their words will always be heard. They also know that they can rely on me and my support even if I am busy or preoccupied with my own issues. I am truly devoted, so sometimes I can postpone my personal life to help a friend in need. I hope my friends have similar feelings for me too. 

I am a bookworm. I love reading so much that I can forget about all the other things I should do. I love everything about books: covers and fonts, shapes and smells. I cannot but buy at least several books each month and try to read all of them once I get them. Of course, not all books meet my expectations: sometimes the cover appears to be more interesting than the text itself. I feel pity in such moments, but I do not worry much as sometimes you should wait for the right time to understand a good book. The only thing which really disappoints me is the author’s neglect. Sometimes the book is not worth its money because it either lacks information or illustrations. In such a case, I feel upset as literature is an art and no one has a right to humiliate it by neglecting its requirements. 

I am an artistic person. I love creating something new, especially texts. I am not a good musician or a capable painter, but I admire writing and consider it art too. I am not afraid of an empty piece of a sheet on a screen: the words in my mind always form a coherent text. I know how to structure every type of text and how to write it vividly, but I am not sure if I am really proficient at writing. For this reason, the majority of the texts I have written are kept on my computer without seeing by anyone. I check them once in a while to decide whether they are good enough. Some of them were lost, while others continue traveling from one computer to another. I know that I am not that skillful, so now I just practice. I hope that someday I will be confident in my writing enough to show it to someone. Right now, I am not ready for that. 

I am a loving sister. I have a considerable difference in age from my brother, but I love him to the moon and back. I enjoy seeing his development from the first days of his life. Unfortunately, now I do not have enough time to visit him as before; however, I think of him every day, hoping that he feels fine and enjoys his childhood. The experience of having a brother changed my personality as initially, I was the only child in my family. Having another child that receives more attention may be challenging for a kid; however, I was mature enough to be the one who gives all attention and love to the child rather than the one who asked for attention from the parents. I am sure that my willingness to care for my brother created warm relationships between us that will last all our life. I already see his warm attitude toward me. The moment when he hugs me when we meet is precious, as well as his willingness to play with me or show me his new skills. I hope I will remember all these moments as they are real gems of my young years.

Finally, I am a youth. I am a representative of a new generation of free people who are striving for more. I know what I am worth and I am ready to change the world with other people of my age. I understand my responsibility and the responsibility of my peers. I know that we are building the future. I know that we are ready to act. Finally, I know that we will do all we can to change our world for the better.


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