Annotated bibliography maker — seems like a perfect solution, right? Cheap, unique, and automatic — it should not even be considered cheating. What if we say that this thing is nothing but a scam that will waste your precious time and money instead of actually helping? Such service is a trap — let’s find out why.


What Is an Annotated Bibliography Generator? 

You might have seen these ads before: annotated bibliography generators promise to make all the “dirty” job for you, leaving you without the necessity to study hard all your sources and endless publications. All you have to do — they say — is to indicate your sources and get a perfectly formatted paper with all the entries. Sounds perfect, right? And it counts as if you didn’t even buy the paper from someone — the machine did all the work. Why then you should beware of such services? See below.

Why You Should Never Use Annotated Bibliography Makers?

Well, there are not that many reasons, but all of them are pretty serious. We have conducted profound research on how these services work and what are the pitfalls of using them. Let’s find out the main of them.

  • You will still have to choose sources

Actually, writing an annotated bibliography is not that difficult; it takes much more time to find suitable sources for it. So, even if using the services of annotations makers, you will still have to spend time finding suitable sources and scanning them (at least). So if you have already chosen the sources and know their general meaning, why not write an annotated bibliography on your own?

  • These services (mainly) do not actually exist

We spent a lot of time checking all the websites Google shows us when typing “Annotated Bibliography Maker” in the search field. The majority of the links have nothing to do with the actual annotations — instead, they can help you in formatting (and they do it well). However, if formatting is not what you are looking for, do not bother yourself even looking for such services. 

  • Those that exist will get you an F

Still, there are some “gems” that indeed prepare not only the reference list for you, but also can do some kind of entries. “Some kind” are the main words here, as what you will get is not the actual annotation. If checking precisely on the way such “generators” work, you will see that all they do is format citations and get abstract info, using it as an entry. Of course, such an entry will come out as plagiarized, leading to problems with the professor and even possible exclusion. Even if your teacher does not check papers on plagiarism, he will be smart enough to see a paper full of abstracts, not annotations. An annotated bibliography has a clear structure that should be followed: you can check it in our guide. Abstract, instead, has a different structure, which is different from the one needed for annotated bibliography. They cannot be compared and cannot be used one instead of another. 

So, the main point is that annotated bibliography makers are NOT legible services that can provide you with a properly written annotated bibliography. 

What should you do?

There are two ways of solving this problem. The first one is to write an annotated bibliography on your own. We recommend you check our guide on how to write an annotated bibliography like a PRO in order to be perfectly prepared. In such a way, you will be able to complete your assignment without any help and absolutely for free. 

But what if you have no time/still don’t understand/tried but failed, etc.? 

Well, we have a perfect solution for you. Apart from preparing the guide that we have already mentioned, we also have a team of experts proficient in writing annotated bibliographies in different disciplines. How to contact them? It’s so easy! You can just place the order on our website, choose “Annotated bibliography” in the “Paper type” field, and indicate your academic level and subject. You can choose the topic on your own or leave it for the expert — just put some instructions for us to see what is needed. Same with the sources — you can choose your own or ask the writer to do that (the second option will save you plenty of time). That’s all — you will just wait a bit and get your exemplary original errors-free annotated bibliography. Sounds easy? That’s how it actually is. 

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