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World Peace Essay: Topics to Consider

If you are not limited in writing on a general topic, you can narrow down a question. In such a case, your paper will stand out, making its content unique and fresh. In addition, you will be able to structure your thoughts better as you will not be overloaded with general information. Here are some topics you might wish to consider while working on your world peace essay:


  • How to achieve world peace?
  • Is it possible to make a world totally peaceful?
  • Why do people start wars in 2022?
  • Were there any peaceful periods in world history?
  • Is global war possible?
  • World peace: Why current safety guarantees do not work?
  • How can we achieve world peace after the Russian war in Ukraine?


How to Achieve a World Peace: Essay Example

In developed countries, peace has been lately considered something basic and obvious. However, after Russia attempted to invade Ukraine and China’s possible aggression in Taiwan, the perception of peace has significantly changed. Nowadays world peace is something we should strive for, not something we can guarantee as at any time some dictators can use their unlimited power to expand territories or blackmail other countries. The history of 2022 has proved that current peace guarantees do not work, and even a threat of nuclear escalation is no longer a tool for preventing dictators from invasions. Hence, to achieve world peace, it is necessary to guarantee democracy and change of power in each country while also isolating the aggressor at the very beginning of his actions. 

Studying history will show that the majority of wars and local conflicts were initiated by countries with tyranny or despotic rule. Since World War 2, the most significant conflicts with more than 10,000 or more deaths in a year took place in Myanmar, Afghanistan, Mexico, Ukraine, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Sudan. Apart from Ukraine, all these countries either have one party or one person in rule; in the case of Ukraine, however, Russia was the initiator of war actions — another country that lacks democracy and freedom of speech. Democratic states have only supported one side of the conflict or participated in regulating activities. It doesn’t wonder as in democratic countries, people can support or eliminate specific decisions of government representatives. Logically, people would not sacrifice their lives, and the lives of their families and friends to start a war unless they are forced directly or through propaganda, which is mastered to perfection in countries with dictatorships. Usually, it’s the dictator’s or heading party’s willingness that is responsible for starting a war: they either want to derive attention from ongoing inner problems or create an outer enemy to unite people, or just need resources and, therefore, need new territories. That is why it is highly likely that by eliminating dictatorship all over the world, people will have more chances to live peacefully. Such a process is hard to imagine, as several dictators have already gained global influence and, which is more important, nuclear arms, so they would not deliberately give their power. However, the war in Ukraine and political conflict in Taiwan show that maybe the process toward changes has already begun.

Current conflicts also prove that safety regulations that the world now uses are not sufficient and effective, so there is a strong need to change them. Countries should be afraid to start military conflicts, regardless of the reasons. After WWI, the Treaty of Versailles was the first document to regulate global politics and prevent new conflicts. However, it didn’t follow its mission, leading to the new world war. Paris Peace Treaties were more cautious, not willing to provoke new war conflicts. At the same time, such an approach gave many rulers a free hand as they were not significantly limited in the international area because of the conflicts they have started. For example, since 1991 Russian Federation managed to start wars in Chechnya, Georgia, Abkhazia, Dagestan, South Ossetia, Syria, Central African Republic, and Ukraine. Russia won majority of the conflicts, de facto occupying these territories or creating fake governments there. In response, Russia received only warnings and sanctions, which, however, did not have a significant impact on its economy. Each case of impunity shows countries that they can do whatever they want in case they have positive relationships with other countries. In the case of Russia, European dependence on gas and oil made these countries forgive lots of Russian war crimes. As a result, it initiated a full-scale war in Ukraine, blackmailing the world with the “red button.” All these examples could be avoided if Russia received serious sanctions during the first Chechnya war. That is why it is necessary to develop policies that would presuppose specific and strict actions that should be implemented by the rest of the world (or the most powerful and influential countries). In such a case, even dictators would be afraid to start military conflicts.

World peace is not a privilege — it is a necessity for a world that already has enough problems, such as COVID-19, overpopulation, lack of food and water, natural disasters, and economic issues. Hence, to preserve the world, officials nowadays should work on actions that would guarantee real world peace. 


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