World peace essay is an interesting topic, especially nowadays when the world if teared with wars and military conflicts. However, as much as it is absorbing, it is also challenging: it is difficult to focus only on specific aspect while writing about world peace in general has all chances to make your essay too broad and uncertain. That is why we prepared an example for you as well as some ideas on how to narrow down your topic.


World Peace Essay Topics: Choose Specific Aspect


You can write some general information on world peace; however, such an approach will minimize your chances to get an A. What we suggest instead is narrowing down the topic so that you could focus on something specific, having more chances to find the suitable argumentation. So, here are the topics:


  • Can Multiculturalism Help to Achieve World Peace?
  • Role of Education in Possibility of Achieving Global Peace
  • Are Military Technologies Promoting World Peace or Preparing Us for a New World War?
  • International Diplomacy as a Tool of Guaranteeing the World Peace
  • Correlation Between Human Rights and Military Conflicts of the Country
  • Can Global Migration Become the Only Way to Achieve the World Peace?
  • The Role of Media in Global Military Conflicts and Shaping Perception of the World Peace
  • Can the World Democracy Become the Reason for Establishing the World Peace
  • Why Current Peace Agreements Do Not Work in the Modern World
  • The Presence of the Modern Empires as the Main Threat to the World Peace


You can choose some of the topics above or modify them in any way you like. What is important is that with such narrow topics you will have enough space to explain your ideas, while being clear and concise.


Can We Achieve World Peace: Essay Example


The world is now overloaded with military conflicts and wars, among which the recent full-scale war of Russia against Ukraine seriously weighed the principles of the international peace agreements. As previous pacts obviously do not work, it became more rational to ask whether the world peace is achievable nowadays, when more and more countries develop devastating arms. Considering recent examples of military conflicts, there seem to be no solution for international peace.


After the World War II, the leading countries developed a series of agreements and rules that were supposed to make further wars impossible or quite local in their essence. However, threatening actions of Russia showed that any country can ignore any agreements if it wishes to do so. To do so, the country needs only several things: powerful allies and more or less powerful economics. Russia had it all, along with numerous European partners that were ready to sacrifice Ukraine for their economic interests. As a result, it felt itself absolutely unbounded, crossing the border of the nearby country. At this point, the question is not in the essence of the agreement but in the punishment the leader receives when he violates the norms. The current peace pacts presuppose no serious consequences for aggressor, which unties his hands. Therefore, there is a strong need to state clear and specific consequences for any country that decides to start the warmer regardless of its status and international impact.


The case of Ukraine is itself interesting as it is an opposition of a small country to a huge imperialistic empire. The majority of military conflicts of 20-21st centuries were alike in their nature: they all took place in small countries with developing economics, while developed countries were interested in specific outcome. Even though the major empires ceased to exist in the first part of the 20th century, the ideas of imperialism are still alive. Some countries such as China and Russia, take what they want by force, expecting they will be unpunished because of their economical impact. Democratic countries instead use delicate ways to control smaller countries. Hence, the world order which presupposes that any country can interfere affairs of weaker country makes the notion of world peace highly unlikely.


Another specific of the modern era that makes possibility of world peace highly doubtful is presence of authoritarian rules among serious economic players on the international stage. Among 15 countries with highest GPD, four have hidden or apparent authoritarian regime, which leaves not chances for regular people to state their opinion or attitude. Such a rule makes the leaders of these countries limitless in their power. Feeling unbounded in their states, these leaders have the same feeling on the international area, especially if they have strong impact on economies of other countries. As a result, absence of democracy and transparency of power makes another international war only a matter of time.


Even though war is irrational state that only worsens well-being of any country, military conflicts still take place in the world. Authoritarian regimes, especially in economically strong countries, ideas of imperialism, and absence of working consequences for international agreements violation make the world unsafe place, where war can start at any time and almost at any place. This is why the current world order should be revisited to ensure that “never again” is more than just words.


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