A 2 paragraph essay is assigned at the very beginning of studying. Still, it’s not the easiest assignment in the world. Even though you wouldn’t spend much time on writing itself, you will have to care about being laconic. All you have is only 8-12 sentences, so you should really squeeze your thoughts into a tiny text. Learn how to write it correctly on myeasypaper.com also feel free to watch a video


Possible Topics for a 2 Paragraph Essay 

If you are to choose a topic for your 2 paragraph paper, we suggest something easy. It’s also better to write an argumentative or opinion essay rather than a contrast-comparing or cause-and-effect essay. The reason is simple — you have only two paragraphs, so it’s easier to describe only one idea rather than two. Here are some possible examples of topics that you can choose:

  1. Medicine should be free
  2. Taxes should be decreased/increased
  3. How I spent this summer
  4. Social networks are hazardous 
  5. Technologies improve education
  6. Modern children are smarter than us
  7. My favorite animal
  8. Global warming has decreased 
  9. How I see my future
  10. Is patriotism harmful?


As you can see, all these topics are simple and rather obvious as it would be difficult to prove an unpopular position in two paragraphs only. That is why we don’t recommend choosing provocative topics or those that require in-depth research. However, try not to be too obvious: it’s better to narrow down the topic a bit rather than write a well-known truth. 


Example of a Two Paragraph Essay

Below you will see an example of the paper with two paragraphs. We have also written a guide on how to write such essays — you can check it out here. If you feel that you struggle with writing this type of assignment, you can always contact our experts — just click on this link to order a consultation. However, we are sure that this sample will help you to take your bearings. 


Emotional Wellbeing is a Key to Physical Health

With the increased age of living, people nowadays are more preoccupied with their health than ever before. However, a healthy diet, regular exercise, and constant checkups may be useless if mental health is not supported. According to Trivedi (2004), there is a strong link between depression and physical symptoms: serotonin and norepinephrine affect both pain and mood. This is why people with depression usually have physical complaints. 

At the same time, positive well-being has strong affirmative links with physical health, including willingness to act and the basis of perception. In particular, a study by Salovey, Rothman, Detweiler, & Steward (2000) showed that people with strong and developed mental health usually have no issues with the immune system, which means that they have fewer illnesses. They also value their experience more, having more resources for active physical and social life. That is why such people are usually more engaged in sports, which also strengthens their health and body. Therefore, all in all, strong mental health is beneficial not only from the point of having a strong healthy body but also from the point of enjoying life with such a body. 


Please note that this example is not formatted according to academic requirements. You can still check sources by clicking on them in the text. You can also use this paper as a source of inspiration (but make sure not to copy it as it will appear as plagiarized). If you wish to receive an original copy made just for you, feel free to order an essay via this form.