A Cause and Effect Essay is so typical that you might need to write it at least once. Not only because it has a common form of writing to practice but also it develops your logic: it helps finding reasons of the phenomenon and not to mix them with results. That is why professors often ask students to work on this type of papers. On myeasypaper.com, we will help you to create a win-win essay by providing the basic rules or writing a draft for you.

What is a Cause and Effect Essay?

A cause-effect essay focuses on the reasons that lie behind the specific phenomenon or event, or the results of this phenomenon/event. Usually students are asked to follow only one part of the essay and study either the causes of the phenomenon, or its results. In such a way, it would be easier to define the causes/results and to build a properly structured essay. Sometimes the idea whether to focus on causes or effects comes from the topic: for instance, it’s easier to talk about the results of smoking and the reasons of the Great Depression. Some topics, however, presuppose analysis of both causes and effects, such as World War I (you might want to research on their causes, and define its results).


A Cause and Effect Essay Outline

Even though they have one title, cause & effect essays are actually two different types: a cause essay and an effect essay, which are rarely combined. Of course, you can research on both causes and results of the phenomenon; however, it requires extensive word count and clear structure. Therefore, below we will show the example of the outline for cause/effect essay.


How to write an outline for a cause-effect essay

Basically, an outline for this type of text is the same as for a regular 500-word essay: it contains an opening and a closing paragraph, with body paragraphs focusing on one point. However, the number of causes/results may vary, depending on the depth of your research and general requirements to your essay. Hence, you can have 4 paragraphs, as well as 8, for instance. Moreover, if you have a profound research, you might want to have several paragraphs dedicated to each cause/effect. However, it is crucial not to mix several reasons in one paragraph as it will negatively affect coherence of your text. Therefore, the rule is to have one cause/effect describes in at least 1 paragraph. Also, if you dedicate several paragraphs to one cause/result, make sure to make the number of paragraphs to each of them even. So, if you write about cause 1 in 4 paragraphs, you cannot write about cause 3 in only one paragraph.


A cause-effect essay outline example

Here you will find an example for the basic essay with 5 paragraphs. Please note that only essential parts are mentioned in the introduction — you might need to expand more, inserting both facts and example in each paragraph.


I. Introduction

    1. History or general information about phenomenon
    2. Facts
    3. Thesis statement
  1. Cause/Effect 1
    1. Topic sentence that clearly introduces the cause/effect of the phenomenon
    2. Supporting evidence
    3. Concluding sentence
  2. Cause/Effect 2
    1. Topic sentence that clearly introduces the cause/effect of the phenomenon
    2. Supporting evidence
    3. Concluding sentence
  3. Cause/Effect 3
    1. Topic sentence that clearly introduces the cause/effect of the phenomenon
    2. Supporting evidence
    3. Concluding sentence
  4. Conclusion
    1. Summarizing the causes/effects of the phenomenon
    2. (Depending on the purpose of the essay), next steps, call for action.
If we take a topic of World War II outcomes as an example, the outline might look like this:
  1. Introduction
    1. Dates of WW2, its main participants and battles.
    2. Thesis statement: The World War II created a new geopolitical order, ending colonialism, showing the danger of fascism, and diving the world powers in two parts.
  2. Ending colonialism
    1. The end of the World War II also became the end of the colonialism politics, which led to emergence of new countries.
    2. Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and many other countries gained their independence.
  3. Danger of fascism
    1. The world came to the idea of danger of a nazi/fascist theory and moved towards the equality of all genders, races, and nationalities.
    2. Fascism became prohibited, fascist leaders were considered offenders, killed, or imprisoned.
  4. Dividing the world
    1. The new leaders of global politics emerged, dividing the world into two major powers — the USSR and the United States.
    2. These leaders have started the new arms race, which although did not presuppose direct conflict, still maintained tension on the political arena.
    3. This division was kept until 1990s, when the USSR collapsed and China gained significant political and economic power in the world.
  5. Conclusion
    1. Each war leads to changes in the world or local orders, massive deaths and tragedies.
    2. However, the World War II created the new world order, which was maintained throughout the rest of the twentieth century.


The Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

The best way to write a perfect cause-effect essay is to choose an interesting topic for it. You can find the whole list of the top topics on our website, while here we will show only some of them. You can also choose the topic depending on your personal preferences, in case your teacher does not limits you. Remember! The more original topic you have, the more chances to create an outstanding essay you will get. Your interest will be traced throughout the text; moreover, the general topics are already described in all the possible ways. That is why we strongly recommend you to focus on the specific are of interest and narrow it down to get an explicit topic for your cause-effect essay.

If you are still out of ideas, you can get your inspiration from the list of topics below:

  1. The causes of Russian invasion of Ukraine
  2. The possible results of Russian-Ukrainian War 2022
  3. The causes of Chinese economic miracle
  4. The effect of healthy dieting on human organism
  5. The reasons of drug intake among youth
  6. The results of poor education on career path
  7. The causes of new parenting attitudes among millennials
  8. The effect of COVID-19 on traveling industry
  9. Why COVID-19 has become a pandemic? The major causes
  10. The impact of 21st century tyranny on the world peace.


Now that you have everything to create a perfect cause-effect essay, we are sure that you will complete a perfect text. Still, if you need some hints or help, you can always address our experts by placing the order on myeasypaper.com/order. Should you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact our support — these guys and girls work 24/7 to be ready to assist you with any queries.