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Abortion Informative Speech Example: Abortion Tourism

Purpose: to inform about the phenomenon of abortion tourism 


Until recently, only two European countries, Malta and Andorra, did not support women’s right to abortion. However, Poland also changed its regulations, banning abortions even in the cases, when the mother’s health or life is under the threat. American statistics are also diverse: while some states fully support the right to abortion, others seriously limit women in this possibility. As a response to anti-abortion laws, abortion tourism appeared. In this speech, we will talk about the description of this phenomenon, its prevalence, and possible risks. 

Transition: So, let’s first talk about what abortion tourism is. 

Abortion tourism is an industry of trips for pregnant women who wish to make an abortion but cannot do it in their countries of living because of legal regulations. For instance, in Poland, women cannot make an abortion on request or if a child has severe disabilities that are diagnosed during pregnancy. The only formal reason to allow abortion there is the fact of rape; however, proving it is difficult and painful for victims. That is why Polish women visit other countries, where they can make abortion legally. Same “tourism” can be found in the United States, where women from Texas go to nearby states, seeking medical aid. 

Transition: Is this a widespread phenomenon? 

There are no specific statistics on abortion tourism as this is a relatively new phenomenon, which is protected by medical institutions and doctors. However, some countries disclosed basic statistics. For instance, in 2016, the United Kingdom shared numbers of non-resident abortions held in the country: among all non-residents, 67,9% of patients were from Ireland, where abortion rules are extremely strict. In 2021, 1400 Texas residents each month visited other states to make abortions. However, the United States and European countries are rather mild in their abortion politics, while other countries, such as El Salvador or Mexico use a wide range of punishment practices for women who decided to make an abortion. This list includes imprisonment, psychological sessions that persuade in so-called family values, and fees. 

Transition: What are the consequences of abortion tourism?

Abortion tourism is usually viewed as an argument for abortion: if a woman decides to make an abortion, she can always find a way to do it, legally or not. Abortion tourism, in this regard, is a relatively safe method as it provides women with professional medical assistance and respect for their rights. However, abortion tourism is rather expensive as a woman should pay for such a “holiday” from her pocket. Moreover, it imposes considerable psychological trauma as apart from passing through the process of abortion, the woman will be in another country without people to support her. 


Abortion tourism is not significantly discussed as it is only used to show problems of anti-abortion regulations. However, this practice itself is an interesting phenomenon to discover. Still, its research is limited due to the privacy of patient data and the medical field in general.