Causes of stress in college students may sound like the easiest topic ever: who else knows about it as much as students do? If this is not your kind of experience or you are out of ideas, make sure to check our sample and inspire yourself!

Some Ideas on What to Write in Causes of Stress in College Students Essay

An essay about stress among students sounds like an interesting topic where you can trace your personal feelings and discover more while conducting research. At some point, you might even wish to deliver your pain to your professor, showing that sometimes you have too many tasks to do, being limited in time and resources. That is why students usually love this topic. However, you may be confused with numerous aspects of this topic as there are lots of ways to write about it. Let’s check some of the most effective:

  • Conduct a quantitative research 

This would be the most winning way to write a paper on college students and stress. You will need to create a quiz for your peers, ask them to provide replies and discuss correlations. However, you will need to know the basics of statistics and have the ability to verify your results. That’s why such an approach is recommended for a solid research paper, while you can still use another kind of primary research in a short essay.

  • Conduct a qualitative research

Another way to make your essay on stress among college students more interesting is to make qualitative research — that is, to use the answers of your peers as examples of your points. This way to conduct a research may be simplified: you can ask your friends or colleagues to provide their replies and pick those that are the most illustrative for your paper. 

  • Use your personal experience

If your tutor doesn’t mind, you can write a sort of personal reflection as an essay. You will work with your experience, analyze it, and make conclusions. Such a form would be most appropriate for psychology classes as it presupposes in-depth research of the problem rather than providing a list of typical reasons.

  • Narrow down the causes

To have an essay that stands out, be sure to use those reasons that do not come up to everyone: they are too typical and too widespread, so it will be difficult to work with them. Instead, think of less usual reasons that may pose exceptional interest: for instance, you can trace the causes of stress among students with high academic achievements or peer conflicts as causes of academic stress. 

Stress among College Students Essay: Topics to Consider

As we have mentioned, you should not use the typical causes of stress to make an exceptional essay. That is why we have decided to prepare a short list of variations for this topic. You can also check other topics for cause-and-effect essays by clicking here

  1. Mental illnesses that cause stress among students
  2. Stress inoculation among college students: why some students manage stress and others don’t
  3. Causes of stress among freshmen
  4. Causes of stress among graduating students
  5. The main reasons for stress among students with high academic achievement 

If you don’t have to write cause and effect essay about stress, you can consider other topics to write about stress among college students:

  1. The effects of stress among college students
  2. Stress, anxiety, and depression among college students
  3. Effect of stress on students
  4. Student stress relief techniques
  5. Why should stress among college students get more attention from professionals? 

Causes of Stress in College Students Essay: Example

We hope that this example will be useful for you in writing your own essay. Please mind that it lacks proper referencing as it gives major points on what should be included in the essay and how it should be written. 

College life is a real adventure with its high times and difficulties. While some students fully enjoy the moments of their youth, others may feel themselves uncomfortable. The latter is the majority as around 57% of college students reported feeling stress during the last year (ACHA, 2017). The reasons for stress usually depend on the students themselves: for some, relations with the peers may be the major challenge, while others care too much about their academic achievements or parental separation.

Entering college, students face a new environment with new people they have to face every day, which may provoke a prolonged period of social adaptation. Some students may pass it quickly, becoming leaders of the group or finding their suitable place in college social life. Others may face severe challenges, being unable to integrate into a new social environment. These students may feel stressed as they feel themselves out of the group. While at first, they may not feel this factor as the real problem, with time they may consider themselves lonely and lost. Such an issue may worsen in case peer conflicts take place. Students that are unable to resolve conflicts with their peers face even higher levels of stress and anxiety. They are forced not only to take care of their education process but also to pay additional attention to protect themselves from emotional harassment. As new life in college is difficult itself, poor relationships with peers make it even more difficult and stressful. 

Another reason for stress among college students is their willingness to cope with all courses and achieve high academic results. They may either be perfectionists with a desire to do everything as well as possible or may feel tension from their parents’ expectations. Such students worry a lot about each test, practical lesson, or even each reply, which adds even more stress to their daily life. Moreover, students have more assignments in college than in their high school eductions, so they may not get used to the new reality. If they happen to have a mark lower than expected, they may feel anxiety or fear, which influences their preparation for the rest of the classes. They may push themselves even harder, leaving no time for personal life or rest. As a result, they may face burnout if study very hard or just live under constant stress, which will slowly affect their academic life as well, adding even more struggle.

Finally, some students may not finalize their separation from their parents, which can also affect their college life. At home, such students had a comfortable life with no worries: they had caring friends and loving parents. In college, not everyone may be that nice or understanding. Students who did not finish the process of separation may rely on the help of their parents in everything, while the latter are not in a position to help in college. In addition, they may not be able to make adult decisions without the help of their parents and may feel stress because of their new necessity to decide. They also feel forced to do things they were not used to do previously, such as basic domestic tasks or the necessity to deal with personal finances. As a result, these students may feel lost in their new adult lives, being desperate without parental support.

Different students perceive their college lives in the different ways. For some of them, years in college may be the time of their lives, while others often feel stressed. The reasons for such differences vary and include, but do not limit to, lack of independence, academic pressure, and inability to integrate into a new social reality. These factors seriously contribute to the intensity of stress a student feels during their years at college. 


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