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What is a Child Development Research Paper?

Psychology works not only with the problems of adults — but it also traces and controls the stage of growing up, creating norms to rely on. That’s how the field of child development has emerged. It studies emotional development of a child throughout different months and ages. In this regard, it is crucial to check whether a child follows the normal milestones and whether its development is consistent with the worldwide prescriptions. Child psychology also deals with abnormal behavior and helps parents to raise harmonic individuality that can communicate with society and peers. 

How to Come Up with a Stunning Child Development Research Paper Topic

The best way to define the topic for your child psychology essay is to find the area that interests you the most. It would be so much easier to write about something that has a meaning for you than to work on a paper that really bores. If the writer is bored when working on the text, imagine how disinterested the readers will be! With that being said, we would also recommend narrowing down the topic enough to focus on a specific problem, just as the rules of academic writing state. In the case of child development, do not write about stages of development in general even if that interests you the most — this topic is so widespread that you will be most likely repeating somebody else’s essay. Instead, be ready to research the specific norm of the specific stage of development — you can be sure you will find a real gem somewhere there. 

Child Development Research Paper and Essay Topics Examples

Now that we have written a little about how to define a perfect topic for you, let’s check out some examples that can inspire you to do further research. You can take this topic or modify it and make it even more appealing to you. Then you can use the best academic essay writing service to help you with it.


  • Role of understanding child needs in the first months of childhood development
  • Connection with family during the first three months of an infant’s life and its importance for further growth
  • Impact of mother’s emotional wellbeing during pregnancy on a child’s cognitive development
  • Delay in normal infant development: is it a reason to worry?
  • Crucial diagnoses that can be found in the first months of an infant’s development 
  • Importance of proper emotional background in a family on an infant’s emotional growth
  • Psychological assistance in bringing up a toddles: The best time and methods of intervention
  • ADHD: The first symptoms and ways to intervene
  • Addressing ADHD symptoms among toddlers: types of correctional practices
  • Language development of bilinguals: Peculiarities of knowing several languages from the first years of life
  • Assisting toddlers and children in learning a new language: The practices to focus on
  • Raising children in a changing cultural environment: Problems that can appear and ways to solve them
  • Communication of children with delays in development and their communication with peers
  • Educating children with needs in a regular environment: How inclusion helps
  • Freud’s psychosexual development theory revisited: How it can be used in the modern psychology
  • How Erikson’s theory of developmental crises inspired a new generation of childhood psychologists 
  • The Cry-it-out method: possible dangers and shortcomings of using the popular method of self-soothing
  • Self-soothing during the first six months of a baby’s life: Is the comfort of the parents worth it?
  • Introducing lure to a child: How the first food can affect eating habits in an adult life
  • Tabula rasa vs. Pre-born character: Fundamental theories that can seriously affect raising methods in a family
  • Early education as a method of bringing up an intellectually mature individuality
  • Correlation between family size and cognitive functions of children in it
  • The difference among perspectives for children in the low-income family throughout decades: do children in 2022 differ from those in 2002 and 1982? 
  • Impact of different music genres on cognitive functions of children
  • Positive effects of authoritarian parenting style: Should the modern society reconsider it?
  • Influence of bullying in educational institutions on children’s academic success 
  • Addressing school bullying: the best methods for parents, teachers, and school psychologists 
  • Short-term memory changes throughout stages of children's development: How memory at the age of 6 differs from the one at the age of 16
  • Computer games use at the young age: types of games and their influence on cognitive and mental development
  • Increase of social impact on children of age 6-10 development: How school environment shapes personality
  • Online vs. outline communication: How Internet peers can affect a child’s personal development
  • Exposure of children to violence: Ways to prevent children from potential harm in the digital era
  • Self-discipline: Evaluations of major theories and practices
  • Sexual development: The proper age of introduction and norms for each stage of development 


These are only several possible topics that you can use in your research. If you have found a perfect topic but still need help with its development, feel free to contact our experts by placing an order with us