Is academic essay something difficult? When entering college, you will quickly notice that the demands of your essay became stricter. Professors start asking for academic essays, corresponding citations, and suitable formats. What is all that about? On, we have prepared an extensive guide that will help you to complete your paper according to all demands. 

What is Academic Essay Writing?

In high school, students start developing their writing skills: they become aware of essay types, paragraph structure, and the use of sources. However, that is only beginning as in college, the number of requirements significantly increases. How academic essay differs from any other type of written text? Here are the main differences:

  • - specific format

You will have to format the essay according to specific requirements (APA, MLA, Harvard style, etc.). In some cases, your college or university can develop its own demands for paper format. 

  • - clear structure

Your paper must have a clear structure, which corresponds to the type of essay you write. You can check more articles on our blog to know how to write an argumentative essay or cause and effect paper

  • - formal language 

There is a fixed list of words and expressions that cannot be used in academic essays, while in other types of writing, there are no such restrictions. You can read more on top words that should not be used in such papers here. 

  • - objectivity

Academic papers should be objective: that means you should base all arguments and ideas on facts, not your assumptions, beliefs, or values. 

  • - use of sources 

While blog posts or business writings do not presuppose the use of sources, academic papers should rely on verified data. It means that all facts should be supported with relevant materials, which should be noted in form of in-text citations and references.

  • - aim

An academic essay should inform, not entertain. Sometimes the students may be asked to write an argumentative essay, though. In such a case, the paper will aim to convince: still, even so, the writing should be grounded on facts, not emotions.  

Ways to Quickly Improve Your Academic Essay Writing Skills

Writing college papers is different from completing other assignments as it requires experience and developed skills. Of course, you may fail during your first attempts at writing; however, by following the tips mentioned below, you will quickly improve your academic writing skills and get high marks and admiration from your professors. So, what can you do?

  • Practice

The development of writing skills is all about constant practice. Write as much as you can to master your skills. 

  • Read peer-reviewed articles

In such a way, you will find useful phrases and discover the ways authors structure their papers. Reading peer-reviewed articles will also help you to understand the principles of the use of sources and analyzing results. 

  • Check professors’ comments

For all the students, the mark is the most important part of a professor’s comment. However, there is always some text above: it can point to weak points of your writing and help you to improve much faster.

  • Check experts’ bits of advice

Make sure to read our blog and watch videos of experts: they can share their personal hints or focus on specific aspects of writing. Here is one of the videos you can find useful.

Examples of Academic Essay Writing

Checking examples of other essays is also a good way to improve your writing. That is why some professors include peer evaluation in their class practices: you will have to check the papers of your classmates and pay attention to their strengths and weaknesses. Your classmates will do the same with your papers. In such a way, you will see examples of essays and improve your skills. Our experts have also prepared some examples for you. You can check some of them by clicking on the titles from the list below: 

You can check even more examples by visiting our blog.

Good Academic Essay Topics

In most cases, professors already have a list of topics that you can use to write an essay. However, we always recommend improving a ready topic so that your essay could stand out. At the same time, when you practice a specific form of writing, the professor may not limit your fantasy. For some students, it’s a win-win option: they can write on anything they want unless it doesn’t conflict with overall requirements. However, some students may be confused as sometimes making up a topic is the hardest part of the assignment. For such cases, we have prepared lists of topics you can use. Here are some of them: 

Help with Academic Essays

Sometimes you may not have time or energy to write a paper by yourself. For such cases, academic essay writing services are the last-minute panacea. Of course, we always recommend contacting us in advance to save some time before submitting. Moreover, by placing the order earlier, you will be able to save some money as well: papers with long deadlines are significantly cheaper than those with tight time frames. Still, even if you have only a couple of hours left, our experts will be happy to help you. Our services include:

  • Editing - for those who need to polish their essays
  • Writing - for those who have no ideas and need something to use
  • Paraphrasing - for those who don’t know how to reduce plagiarism 
  • Formatting - for those who are okay with writing, but hate formatting
  • Consulting - for those who need any other kind of advice in writing. 

How to Find the Best Academic Essay Writing Service?

If you have just decided to ask for the help of professionals, you might want to know how to find suitable academic writing services. The main thing that students are usually afraid of is a scam: as almost all academic essay writing services a pre-paid, you may hesitate before paying. How to avoid scams? Make sure that website uses a secure payment gateway, such as Stripe, PayPal, or other well-known companies: they check all the documentation before working with a website, so you may be sure that everything is okay. You should also read policies as you agree with terms and conditions before placing the order. It is also a good idea to talk to support if you have some doubts and listen to their arguments. If you came across positive feedback, you can also trust it. However, the easiest way to find the best academic essay writing service is to use the one from

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