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How to Write a Classification Essay

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Types of Friends Classification Essay


Everyone had at least one friend in their life; those who had a few know that friends can be different. Some of them may give you all of their attention, while others cheer you up when it becomes too hard to handle. Some friends are always nearby, while others appear from time to time or even disappear from your life at some point. Friendship can be different, and so can friends. That is why in this paper I will attempt to provide a general classification of friends, considering their behavior in peer relationships. As I am not a scientist, I will classify types of friends based on my personal experience; however, I am almost sure it will be similar to the experience of many people. Based on their attitude to friendship, people can be divided into supporters, egoists, activity friends, and friends by circumstances.

The first category is supporting friends — those people who are ready to be there for you regardless of the situation. This type of friends treats friendship seriously, so they will not let you down if it is possible. They will be happy to visit your wedding or bring a bottle of champagne during your breakup with a partner. They will bring gifts for your children and know the names of all your exes. These friends are extremely precious as they are attentive. A great example is Ron from Harry Potter: he is shy and silent but will sacrifice everything for his friends. Of course, friendship is not all about sacrificing: however, just like Ron, supporting friends will be able to set their interests back and be a shoulder to cry on. Such people are also good listeners: they do not like to speak a lot and are interested in discovering other personalities as well. Therefore, people who find such friends and manage to establish serious relationships with them me consider themselves lucky. 

Unlike supporting friends, the second category, egoists, do not like to listen — they speak instead. They are quite bigheaded and willing to put themselves first in any situation. They may not even ask about news in the lives of their friends, being totally focused on the tiniest issues in their lives. They will tell you everything and will be a source of all the possible information. Such people can be in good relationships with supporting friends; however, to other people they will seem too self-centered. Not everyone would be glad to have such a friend as Tony Stark from Iron Men, so it might be difficult to keep relationships with them. At the same time, if to understand the motives of their egoism, you can have fun with such people and always have someone who tells you a lot of things. Just be patient enough and stay a good listener for this person. 

One more category to consider is activity friends. Such friends are great to spend an evening with: they will meet you at any time and any place. They have lots of interests at the same time, so they will be glad to go to yoga classes in the morning, spend a day at the beach, and drink five cocktails in a bar by the night. They make a nice company anywhere, as they are always in a good mood. At the same time, they are too busy to support you during other moments of your life, so it would be difficult to see them as godparents of your child. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother is a perfect example of such a person. He is fun and active, yet he is not able to set serious relationships, avoiding them as much as possible. Hence, it is a good idea to have such a friend as a motivation to leave home from time to time and have fun. However, to keep friendship comfortable for both, you should not expect such people to be reliable or serious. 

Finally, you can always have friends by circumstances, who are too close to be just acquaintances. Parents of your child’s peers or people that you meet every day on your dancing classes can be perfect friends by circumstances. They have a perfect benefit: you already have something in common with them, so there is always something to discuss. It can be especially comfortable for introverts, who find it difficult to make new acquaintances. Moreover, it is always good to have someone with you on the same wave. They will understand you perfectly within the scope of your common interests. At the same time, such friendship is temporary; in addition, you might not wish to make things too personal. However, in such relationships, everything depends on your willingness to maintain and develop such a friendship. Sometimes friends by circumstances can become friends for their whole life — it is a choice of both partners. However, if the friendship stopped, and one of the partners does not share interests with another, you should let this friendship go. 

Four categories described above have specific traits: supporting friends will always listen to you, egoists will always keep your conversation interesting but may be too annoying; activity friends are fun but may be not serious enough, while friendship with those by circumstances may be convenient but temporary. Almost all these types of friends have benefits and shortcomings as people are unique and diverse, and so are relationships with them. Still, any friend is a good friend as any type of relationship can bring valuable lessons. 


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