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Persuasive Essay vs Argumentative Essay

You can be confused by the fact that a persuasive essay differs from the argumentative one. Usually, we talk about the latter as it’s more popular among academic texts: it involves research, argumentation, and subject for discussion. Therefore, when asked to write a persuasive essay, some students mistakenly start completing an argumentative text. What are the main differences between them? 


An argumentative essay is more rational and prepared in general. Before writing it, you should make deep research, studying both arguments and counterarguments. In argumentative papers, you should appeal to the minds of the audience, using facts and reasoning. 


A persuasive essay aims not to provide the audience with the arguments, but to convince them to agree. The author of the persuasive essay refers to the emotions of the readers, using personal opinions and ideas as argumentation. The only thing that should be especially studied while preparing a persuasive essay is the audience itself: the author should know the pains and needs of the readers to evoke necessary emotions. 


How to Create a Persuasive Essay Outline

Unlike an argumentative paper, a persuasive essay requires exceptional psychological focus as it presupposes convincing with emotions, not logic. Therefore, while preparing such a text, you should not spend most of your time finding facts that would support your claim. You should understand what exactly can touch the hearts of your readers. You can use these techniques in your text:

  • Repetition: The readers should fully understand your opinion and keep it constantly in mind. That is why repetition works so well in persuasive essays. 
  • Storytelling: While in other academic papers, we prefer facts and statistics, here you can tell a story. Make sure it evokes sympathy or other kinds of strong emotional attachment. 
  • Opposing views: Even though it is not obligatory, it’s always a good idea to relate to counterarguments before they appear. Hint! Choose those counterarguments that are easy to debunk.
  • Call to action: When the audience gets a new idea, it wants to use it somehow. Don’t leave your readers without right direction — tell them what to do next. 



How to Write a Persuasive Essay Outline: Free Template

If you want to organize your essay properly, use this persuasive essay outline as a template to follow. You can also check our example of a persuasive speech on pet adoption here



  1. Topic introduction and proof of its conversional nature
  2. Position of the author stated clearly 
  3. Three reasons that support the author’s opinion



Reason #1

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Examples
  3. Concluding remarks/transition


Reason #2

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Examples
  3. Concluding remarks/transition


Reason #3

  1. Topic sentence
  2. Examples
  3. Concluding remarks/transition



  1. Restating thesis statement
  2. Summary of arguments
  3. Call to action or emotional hook


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