A cause and effect of bullying essay is a well-known topic that raises a serious problem of the modern age. That is why it requires an in-depth analysis to create an excellent essay. Our experts from myeasypaper.com have prepared an example of the essay for you so that you could rely on it while completing your own paper.

How to Write Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay

Bullying is a severe problem: lots of children were either victims of it, or its observers. No wonder, therefore, that this problem has lots of aspects to study: starting from the reasons of bullying, ending with its impact on class in general. That’s why we recommend to narrow down the topic before writing your essay on bullying. Here are some of the options.

Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay Topics

  1. The effects of bullying and cyber bullying
  2. The negative impact of bullying on child development
  3. The effects of bullying on child’s academic performance
  4. Bullying and suicide: the effect of bullying on one’s mental health
  5. Depression and anxiety as the results of bullying
  6. Bullying at work: adult’s nightmare and its major consequences
  7. Causes of bullying: what makes a child an offender
  8. The bullying effect: how bullying of one child affects the rest of the class
  9. The effect of adults’ assistance in bullying problem solving
  10. The long-term effects of bullying.

You can also come up with your own topic on bullying. We have prepared only some examples for you to inspire you for further development of your thoughts. Just remember that you are writing a cause and effect of bullying essay, which means that you should not write about the ways of solving the problem. The latter would refer to argumentative essay. If you are not sure about what to write, you can always contact our experts to get quick assistance from them: just place the order on our website!

How Long Should Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay Be?

When it comes to length of the essay, many students are confused. Sometimes professors give strict requirements on paper length, limiting minimum or maximum number of words. As for this type of essay, we recommend to write not less than 500 words: in such a case, your paper will contain all the necessary parts, including introduction with thesis statement, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. Of course, you can make your essay significantly longer — up to 10 pages. However, in such a case, you cannot write on a problem in general; instead, make sure to focus on a specific part of it and do a proper research.

Some Tips on Writing A Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay

There might be some difficulties when trying to complete and cause-effect essay on bullying. That’s why we have prepared a short list of useful tips for you that will help you to avoid basic mistakes and difficulties. Here it is:

  • Be sure to choose either a cause or effect to write on

Don’t try to write on both, causes and effects, as it will ruin the structure of your essay. If you are required to include both reasons and results, you should make sure to have your paper rather long.

  • Narrow down your topic

We have already mentioned this point: it is a must to choose a specific aspect of bullying to make your essay more detailed.

  • Don’t write about the solution: focus on reasons or results

When talking about serious problem, we always tend to find a solution to it, which seduces us to propose possible solutions and even add call to actions in a conclusion. However, it is something to avoid if you are writing about causes or effects.

  • Use the suitable sources

They can vary here if you are doing a research paper (you can include statements of victims or participants of the conflict) or a regular essay (in such a case, it is better to relate to the already conducted studies).

A Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay Example

We know how hard it may be to write an essay, even if a topic is appealing to you. So we have created a free sample for you. It doesn’t contain references or in-text citations, so make sure to use this example as a source of inspiration only. In case you wish to have your own draft according to your requirements, place the order on our website and get help from our experts.

Causes of Cyber Bullying: How Technologies Spoil Young Minds

    Bullying has existed for ages; however, it became a severe problem only during the last decades. Psychologists, journalists, and parents increased awareness of the issue as they saw the children suffering from poor contact with their peers. Still, even raising the problem did not help to conquer the problem: instead, the new aspect of it appeared. Cyber bullying made it possible to harass people from all over the world, staying protected by anonymity and having more channels to contact the victim, which made it a new disaster for young minds.

    The first reason for making cyber bullying such popular is the possibility to contact any person in the world. While initially people could bully only those who are close to them and were limited in the number of “victims”, now anyone can be victim. Such a range of possibilities makes bullying more seductive: when one can reach anyone, anyone can become a victim, which creates an illusion of power for the aggressor. Therefore, the modern technologies created new possibilities for aggressors, making bullying more widespread problem.

    The second reason for the popularity of cyber bullying is awareness of people’s lives. Many young people post everything about their lives in social media, so everyone can follow anyone to see the tiniest details of their lives. As a result, the aggressors have more points to bully as they have more information about the victims. On the other hand, the people have more chances to become the victims as their lives can be viewed by anyone, while they can be contacted by anyone as well. Hence, the model young people are in a higher danger of become bullied as their lives are to be seen by anyone.

    Finally, the aggressors are much more active in Internet nowadays as they are protected by the mask of anonymity. When bullying someone in real life, the person can receive an answer from the victim — in the form of words or actions. Instead, when they use Internet, they cannot be reached: they can block user or ignore, staying protected by the kilometers of distance. Moreover, bullying can be now anonymous: the person can create an empty account and contact the victim. The victim will never know who the aggressor is: it may be the most serious enemy or the best friend. Anonymity make bullying not only more widespread but also crueler: when the person knows that they cannot be punished, they become braver in their words and actions.

    Bullying has serious impact on people’s psychological state and self-perception; cyberbullying, instead, is even more severe. The means of the modern technologies, developed to improve the quality of life, makes it only more difficult for young people, as anonymity and variety of channels to reach the victim enables cyber bullying as popular phenomenon.