Cause and effect of poverty essay is a crucial topic to consider. Many countries suffer from poverty, so this issue has endless possibilities for research. If you have this topic to write on, don’t worry — our experts from will help you to cope with it.

Cause and Effect of Poverty Essay: Things to Consider

The essay on cause and effect of poverty can be assigned in many disciplines, starting from English 101 to practice skills in writing cause-effect essay, and ending with Philosophy or Economics, asking students to provide in-depth analysis of the particular phenomenon. Of course, you can analyze the problem of poverty in general — as a long-lasting phenomenon, it can be traced historically to define its reasons in a scope of humanity existence. However, more often students are to analyze poverty in a specific country or region during a specific period of time. In such a case, it would be much easier to define causes or effects of this phenomenon.

Cause and Effect of Poverty Essay Topics

Most often professors do not give students specific topic on poverty — unless you have a class on history. That’s why most likely you will need to come up with your own topic. Even though topic is extremely widespread, can you in a minute come up with a ready narrow topic on it? We’re not sure. That’s why we have prepared an outstanding list of top 10 topics for cause and effect of poverty essay. Remember: we only write about either causes or effects and never mix these two types of essay.

  • The effects of poverty on families
  • The causes of poverty in the Unites States
  • The effects of poverty on the homeless people
  • The effects of poverty on the global environment
  • The causes of poverty in modern Mexico
  • The effects of poverty on children, their education and level of violence
  • The reasons for prevalence of poverty among women
  • Globalization: its effect on poverty in the modern world
  • Psychological reasons standing behind poverty
  • The causes of poverty in the medieval world

If you are not limited to poverty topic only, you can also check our list of the best topics for cause and effect essay. Now that you have your topic on poverty chosen, let’s move to the basic advices on how to write your essay properly.

How to Write a Cause and Effect of Poverty Essay

Here you can find some tips that will help you to complete a perfect essay on poverty.

  • Look for up-to-date data

The majority of papers on poverty refer to the modern times, so to complete them properly, you will need the most recent articles and news. It is necessary to check data written no longer than 5 years ago. However, the more recent the article you have, the better.

  • Check only relevant sources

Poverty is huge and emotional topic, which gives a wide field for manipulations. Therefore, we recommend checking only official report and peer-reviewed sources.

  • In case you are not aware on the effects of poverty, you can write on hypothetical consequences

You can make an interesting twist and complete an essay on hypothetical consequences of the phenomenon. For instance, the war in Ukraine has no global consequences yet; still, its consequences can be predicted based on currently available information.

  • Make sure to follow the basic organization of the essay

Cause-effect essay always has an order to follow: introduction, specific causes/results (at least one paragraph per each), and conclusion.

Cause and Effect of Poverty Essay Example For Free

As you have checked some of the tips on how to write a cause-effect of poverty essay, you can also check one of our examples to be more aware on how to complete this paper. Don’t forget to check our examples on effects of smoking essay and causes of bullying paper.

The Effects of Poverty on Children

    Although poverty can become a problem for every person, children appear to be among the most vulnerable categories of population. While adults can easier adapt to their financial status, children are only at the time of psychological development, so the way the live seriously impacts their future life. In particular, poverty has a proven adverse effect on child’s physical health, level of education, and psychological development.

    It is proven that low level of income has correlation with poor physical health among both adults and children. People who face poverty or economic difficulties have reduced possibilities in accessing medical services, including such basic events, as pediatric checkups of vaccination. Not being able to buy high-cost medicine for their children, poor parents often refer to non-traditional medicine or Internet advices to address symptoms, which should be professionally treated. Some of the symptoms that have no serious impact on child’s wellbeing (such as problems with the teeth or minor chronic diseases) are not addressed at all. As a result, children from the low-income families grow up with a wide range of physical problems that were not timely addressed, or were ignored at all.

    Secondly, children from poor families also can face difficulties in accessing educational institutions. While education is supposed to be free, in many countries, children from poor families have no real access to it. Some children do not visit school as they are forced to work starting from the young age, while some children live too far from school and cannot visits it every day (as necessary). Also some schools although have formal free education, still request to buy specific items, such as school uniform or educational materials, which some families cannot afford. In addition, children can be bullied because low income of their parents, which can make them avoid classes. Therefore, when coming to the issue of education, poor children face multiple difficulties in accessing it, starting from the objective reasons, ending with personal unwillingness to visit classes.

    Finally, children from low-income families also have more difficulties in psychological development compared to children from middle-income or high-income families. The American Psychological Association study has found a range of psychological problems, including behavioral issues, low academic achievement, and socialization difficulties. Another study has proved a long-term effect of poverty in childhood and psychological wellbeing in the adulthood. In particular, those people who faced poverty while being children tend to have chronic stress, helpless behavior, and externalizing behavior. Such a wide range of problems has several reasons. Parents with low income usually are forced to work harder, having less time left to actively participate in children’s lives. In addition, they may face higher levels of stress, passing this psychological state to their children. Finally, low-income families tend to have poor psychological environment in general, showing more cases of physical and psychological abuse.

    Poverty has no positive effect on the process of growing up; instead, it forces children to face harsh reality when they are not ready for it. That is why, poverty affects almost all aspects of human development, including physical and psychological wellbeing, as well as academic success.