Causes and effects of alcoholism essay can be written not only by medicine students but also by students of other disciplines. That’s why we on decided to prepare a sample for you to check and follow. 

How to Write Causes and Effects of Alcoholism Essay

The rules of writing an essay on this topic are basically the same as on writing a regular cause-and-effect essay. You should follow the same structure, which presupposes introduction, conclusion, and paragraphs (at least one paragraph per each cause or effect). We have already mentioned some tips on how to write such essays here

The Winning Topics for Causes and Effects of Alcoholism Essay

Your professor may not limit you only to studying alcoholism in an essay (it’s really highly unlikely), so you may check our list of the most interesting cause-effect essay topics here. At the same time, you may be interested in the topic of alcoholism, or you may have it assigned. In such a case, we recommend narrowing down the topic to mention fresh ideas in your essay. Here is the list of the topics you can find compelling. 

  • The effects of alcohol on children s relationship with alcohol abuse.
  • The effects of alcohol abuse on the family environment.
  • The role of alcohol abuse in academic performance.
  • Alcohol abuse causes among adolescents.
  • The effects of alcohol abuse: link with other kinds of abuses.
  • The effects of alcohol abuse on physical health.
  • The effects of alcoholism on mental health.
  • The family effect: family-related causes of alcoholism in adult age. 
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Cause and Effect of Alcohol Abuse Essay: Free Example

Below you will find an example of a cause-effect essay. We have decided to follow our own tips and narrow down the topic a bit. As usual, this essay is just a sample, so it doesn’t contain in-text citations, references, and proper formatting. 

The family effect: family-related causes of alcoholism in adult age

Alcohol abuse is a widespread phenomenon: according to U.S. statistics, 25% of adults have reported engaging in binge drinking during the past month, while around 6% reported engaging in heavy alcohol use. Alcoholism is regular at some point, as the majority of people know at least one case of alcoholism among their relatives or acquaintances. However, while discussing the effects of alcoholism, people rarely pay attention to its causes. In this paper, the family-related causes of alcoholism will be discussed, including alcohol abuse among parents, poor psychological environment, and normalization of alcohol intake among adults.

The most obvious reason for alcoholism among adults is the existence of alcoholics in their families. First of all, genetics should be considered: people who have alcohol or other kinds of abuse have genetic modifications that make them more vulnerable to addictions. At the same time, seeing an adult in the family constantly drinking may presuppose unnecessary determination in the head of a child: “if my father drinks, then I have no other option than to drink too.” Of course, such an idea is senseless; however, the person without necessary psychological support can believe it so seriously that they will make this idea come true. 

Normalization of drinking as a cause of alcoholism is also tightly connected with this phenomenon. While heavy drinking is known as an important factor of alcohol abuse in further life, binge drinking is clearly underestimated. Many parents think that drinking in front of their children brings no harm; however, by showing it as a habit, parents make it normal for children to drink alcohol. This habitual attitude to alcohol is followed by another unhealthy assumption that it is better to let the child try alcohol drinks with their parents rather than to leave this experience to the child alone. As a result, children are introduced to alcohol at a young age, when they are not prepared for this kind of experience, leading to problems with alcohol in their future lives.

Thirdly, poor psychological environment and parental neglect are severe reasons for alcohol abuse at the adult age. The studies prove that neglect of children further leads to risk of substance abuse, violence, and relationship problems. Children who face psychological challenges when growing up face severe psychological problems that require assistance of professionals. As not many children receive psychological aid, they find a solution to their problems in alcohol. Even though this substance does not ease their feeling of neglect and inner pain, such people tend to worsen their addiction over time.

Many people’s addictions have a beginning in their childhood times, and alcoholism is not an exclusion. Children who face parental neglect, have alcoholics among their parents, or simply frequently watch their parents drink have higher risks of developing alcohol abuse. That is why it is crucial to provide each child with a decent environment while they are growing up. 

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