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What Should You Know Before Writing a Classification Essay?

Classification essay is pretty basic: it is often used as a writing exercise that helps to develop organisational skills and ability to categorise objects or events. At the same time, there are specific rules of writing such an essay. Each section of the paper should refer to specific category, and these sections should be approximately similar. Moreover, it is useful to compare and contrast categories to show better connection of them. For instance, you can show the main point at which these categories are similar and several in which they are different. 


There are other rules as well. That’s why we suggest checking this guide on our website. There you will also see an outline for one of the topics. 


How to Choose a Suitable Classification Essay Topic

The main rule we suggest while choosing the topic for your classification essay is to stick to the field of your interest. Make sure you can choose something that can be categorized into three to more categories. However, you should not choose anything that has too many categories: you will not be able to describe in details each of 10-15 categories. At the same time, while categorizing your object, make sure to include all the categories and not to omit anything. 


Therefore, here are the criteria for choosing a winning topic for your essay:

  • It should be specific enough
  • It should not be widely described
  • It should contain at least three categories
  • It should not contain too many categories
  • It is advisory to provide a fresh view on the problem.


Should a classification essay be strict and academic in its topic? 

Not really. Unlike argumentative essay, for example, this one does not require a serious research or a scientific topic. Instead, you can choose something personal or even fun. You can go further and create your own categories — for instance, divide all the visitors of your favorite cafe into different categories or make this topic more general and create a classification of Starbuck’s visitors. However, make sure that there is a logic in your classification. You can check a nice example of a classification essay with conventional topic here


We have divided possible topics on several categories so that you could quickly find the one that meets your interest the best. 


Good Classification Essay Topics for High School Students

  1. Types of teachers
  2. General types of pets
  3. Best shopping malls in my city
  4. Classification of friends
  5. Types of students in high school 
  6. Different religions in the world
  7. Music genres
  8. The most common studying myths
  9. Types of bullying


Classification Paper Topics for College Students

  1. Tips for writing an essay
  2. The best ways to prepare for exams
  3. College party types
  4. Allergies types 
  5. The most effective diets 
  6. Personality disorders
  7. Types of coffee drinks
  8. Money saving hacks
  9. The best ways to live an ecological life
  10. Efficient ways of staying productive
  11. Types of roommates in dormitory 


Unusual Modern Topics for Classification Essays

  1. Types of Instagram influencers
  2. TikTok trends this month
  3. Military conflicts in the modern world
  4. Types of people on Tinder
  5. The most promising Netflix series
  6. Types of marriages in the United States
  7. The most annoying songs of 2022
  8. The least known touristic destinations
  9. The ways to overcome a breakup


Classification and Division Essay Topics on Technologies

  1. Types of computer software
  2. Best electric scooters for everyday use
  3. The most popular programming languages
  4. The most promising IT-professions 
  5. The most well-known applications on iPhone
  6. Electric cars classification


Beauty and Health Classification Topics

  1. The most deceiving beauty hacks
  2. The most useful beauty gadgets
  3. Top hacks on hair routine
  4. The most expensive beauty products
  5. The most effective exercises 
  6. The modern types of fitness 


Relationships and Family Essays

  1. Parenting styles
  2. How to resolve working conflicts
  3. Why you should get married
  4. Partners to avoid if you want serious relationships
  5. Relationships that should be stopped immediately
  6. Ways to improve family ties
  7. Types of relatives that everyone has


Division Essay Ideas on Business

  1. Management styles
  2. Different approaches to business: how they work in reality
  3. Ethical division of the modern companies
  4. Types of companies
  5. Online, offline, and mixed conditions of work: which one is the most effective
  6. Small, medium, and big companies



How to Develop Topics: Six Easy Examples

Types of pets: dogs, cats, hamsters, fishes, rabbits, birds, turtles 

Parenting styles: authoritative, permissive, authoritarian, uninvolved

World religions: christianity, buddhism, judaism, hinduism, islam 

Types of Instagram influencers: beauty girls, active mums, fitness geeks, hacks, humorous characters

Programming languages: Javascript, Python, PHP, C#, Swift, Java, Ruby, C++, Kotlin, Scala

Phones software: iOS, Android, Windows Phone


How Do I Organize a Classification Essay?

It is insanely easy. Basically, you should follow a regular structure for academic essays. That means, you should have an introduction with a thesis statement, several body paragraphs that start with topic sentences and end with concluding sentences, and a conclusion itself, which summarized previously written ideas. What is different from the regular papers is that instead of the arguments or main points, you will have categories. It is also important to mention all the categories in the introduction: you can write it anywhere, including the very beginning of the essay or the thesis statement. In the topic sentence, you should clearly state the category you will describe. To increase coherence between the paragraphs, you can also compare the categories and show their similarities or differences. In conclusion, you should briefly mention the major characteristics of each category — as briefly as possible. Optionally, you may choose one category over other; however, classification essay does not aim to proof anything or persuade anyone — it has an informative nature. 


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