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English Homework Help: How Does it Work?

Well, we all can get stuck with some assignments, especially when it comes to English 101 class. It seems that there is nothing difficult there — but some tasks can become a real pain in the ass. When they ask to write an essay, blog post, or annotated bibliography, it sounds like a quick and easy thing to do; however, some topics are too difficult to research and some sources are hard to find. Moreover, English is not the only class you have, so you also have tasks from other disciplines, and often they are more related to your field of expertise. That is why we have created this service, where we gathered the most experienced experts to help you with English assignments. Here is what we do:

  1. First, we carefully check your instructions and see if our service can handle them. 
  2. After that, we share instructions with our writers and see who is ready to work on it.
  3. Then, among all the experts willing to assist, we choose the best available. If you chose a Top category, we choose among Top20 experts only.
  4. Once the expert confirms working on the order, they check the instructions one more time and contact you if any clarifications are needed.
  5. The writer submits the work for your check. 
  6. You download a PDF file with a preview. If everything seems okay, you approve the order by clicking the corresponding button. An editable docx version becomes available for download. 


What Kind of Assignments Can We Complete?

We try to help all our customers so we search for writers to handle any type of assignment. These types of English homework help assignments include:

And many more.


If you are not sure if we can complete your assignment, you can always contact the support team and ask them for assistance. Usually, in such cases, we ask you to upload instructions and share them with the writers before you pay — just to make sure that your assignment can be completed within a set time frame and with those instructions that you have. However, more often support team can comment on your assignment immediately — with experience of several years, they already know which assignments can be easily completed and which require additional assistance. 


What if You Need a Basic Level of Writing?

Very often our customers ask for something simple, even with grammatical errors. It’s a good approach if they know (and their teacher knows) that they cannot complete a perfect paper with no mistakes. In such a case, we ask to choose a corresponding level (for instance, college or high school) and inform the writer about that. Another thing that may additionally help is providing samples of your writing: in such a case, the expert will see your common errors and type of writing in general and will be able to define how to write your assignment correctly. 


Is This Homework Original?

Of course! Before submitting the paper, we carefully check each work via our plagiarism tool. By doing so, we ensure that the writer produces original work that is crafted according to the client’s instructions and does not copy any information from external resources. 

Can We Add Comments to Exercises?

Sure, we can! We understand that the majority of our clients don’t need to have just a ready-made paper — they also want to understand their subject but with no frustration or worry. That’s why our experts are always ready not only to complete the paper for you but also to explain specific parts. If you wish your full exercise to be commented on by the writer, just notify us in the instructions and consider the necessary number of words when placing the order. Forgot to do that and just need a tiny 1-2 sentence comment on the specific thing? No worries, just send a message to the writer — they will double-check everything and write their response. We care about your education, so we are always glad to provide additional clarifications on the job we do. 


What if You Don’t Know How Many Pages You Need for Your English Homework Help?

Sometimes teachers give assignments but do not say how many pages or words are needed. So, you can be pretty confused. Again, we can also help you with defining the number of words needed for any assignment. All you need to do is to contact our support and send them the instructions: they will check them carefully and let you know how many words the writer might need. We always estimate the range, so you can choose the extent of depth that your assignment should have. 


How to Get the English Homework Help?

If you are ready to save some time and get an expert help, here is what you need to do:

  • Go to and indicate the parameters of your order, such as the number of words needed, educational level, and type of work. 
  • Choose your deadline. 
  • Write your instructions or upload the file with the instructions in the corresponding field. 
  • Choose the category of the writer you prefer to have.
  • Place the order and proceed with the payment. 
  • Bravo! You now can relax and wait for the writer to complete all the work for you.

However, we still recommend checking your email: there may be something the writer may need to elucidate while working on the order. 


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